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SSP UPDATES & Summary of next 2 videos:

I am working on the first 2 videos in the series of SSP Updates and releasing them over the next number of weeks. I will first set the stage by giving more information on the various ET Groups I have discussed in previous updates.

I will give never-before-released details in addition to other intel I have delivered about these races. I will lay out the history of the Galactic Federations of various names – who are in fact the same group evicted from the Andromeda Galaxy thousands of years ago.

This group was a major threat to the Andromeda Galaxy and took part in attempting to entice their trade partners in that Galaxy to accept new technologies that required chip implants into their brains that then gave the AI god control of their thoughts and behaviors. The SSP Alliance was approached through the Zulu – Human-like ETs from a star system within the 52 stars in our local stellar neighborhood. The Zulu informed us that representatives of the Andromeda Galaxy – Our closest Galactic Neighbor – Had been offering quite a lot of Intel from their Galaxy and how it connects to activities by negative ETs within our own Galaxy.

This group from Andromeda was 6.5 to 7.5 feet tall and had dark blue skin, black hair, and eyes. This group called itself the ‘Hue’ or ‘Hew’. They are the representatives of the Galactic body that has formed since their own Super Federation had been disbanded – for similar reasons as the Super Federation in our own Galaxy – for collusion with the AI god and failure to enforce cosmic laws and interstellar agreements.

We were given the details of how these Galactic Federations were pushed out of Andromeda and into neighboring Galaxies and Dwarf Galaxies surrounding Andromeda and the Milky Way. Some of these Dwarf Galaxies are remnants of ancient galaxies that had their own advanced cultures that had disappeared eons ago. These Dwarf Galaxies in some cases are the nucleus of ancient Galaxies that had their centers stripped away by or in collision with other Galaxies leaving the fossil of the center of that Galaxy.

These “Fossile Galaxy Inhabitants” went through the ascension process to points where they advanced through the densities until they merged with the central mass consciousness of their ancient Galaxy. The super consciousness of some of these Dwarf Galaxies have been orbiting our much younger Galaxies and are taking part in the cosmic trials being conduits for the flow of the “energy of creation” – which will be carrying out judgment against the negative ET – AI Prophet – Groups and the fractile of the AI god that exists within each affected Galaxy.

As I have shared in the past – The Sphere Beings (Blue/Indigo Orbs) are the creative energy of these local Universes. The energy that pulsates through the Cosmic Web – A “Neuron of the One Infinite Creator” – is the same energy that the Sphere Beings are manifest.

I am outlining the content for these first two videos and hope to have them published on YouTube and AscensionWorks.TV beginning next week – with the larger updates in the following weeks.


  1. SSP Update: Beware Galactic Federations of Seductive Human ETs – Evicted from Andromeda Galaxy
  2. SSP Update: The ZULU – Advanced Aliens of Human Relation – local stellar neighborhood

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