Potassium and Sodium

This is where the rubber meets the road and there is no esoteric guessing. This is a fact in the body. I work with anatomical facts as much as I do with intuition. This issue will affect whether or not you can align your telomeres and evolve your RNA to improve your body.

Is this on our Tzolkonic radar or what? It screams GAP kin to me folks, THE SPINE, the CNS, The axis of the eternal present, The Heart. I’ve just followed my intuition and dreams for two days. I didn’t even know what telomeres were.

Potassium and Sodium are electrolyte minerals vitally important to the body. An electrolyte is just as it sounds, electrical. They are minerals that conduct our naturally occurring electricity in the body. If you weren’t busy powering yourself internally you could light up a lightbulb. Truth. Instead, you power up your own heart with electromagnetic energy. You need electrolytes to do that or…else.

My intuition led me to investigate the role kidney and adrenal glands play in electrolyte processing. They sit atop the kidneys. My acupuncturist says I have adrenal fatigue from too much stress. That causes HPB and possibly kidney damage.

The adrenal cortex is an important factor in the control of electrolyte and water balance and in blood pressure homeostasis. Not surprisingly, therefore, hyper- and hyposecretion of one or more of its products has extensive repercussions.

We all need 4700mg of potassium and 1800 mg of sodium daily. Don’t wait for your doctor to tell you this as likely they do not know. They aren’t trained in nutrition sadly. Ideally, you get them in your food and not just as a supplement as they are in their whole natural form in food.

Fast food and canned food are not food. I’m referring to fresh whole foods which are the only way to get all of your nutrients; proteins, complex carbs, and fats. If you’re interested in knowing exactly what nutrients you’re eating so you’re sitting in truth, I use the cronometer.com app. It is perfect and has a huge compendium of foods already in memory but you can create a new food if need be.

The purpose of my focus here is my intuition is telling me our electrolytes in the body, which send ELM energy to the heart, are also responsible for the health of our telomeres. If you are low on either or both potassium or sodium your telomeres will deteriorate and age you, not dissimilar to car coils I suppose. It’s a vulgar analogy.

If you only eat whole foods it’s very likely your sodium will tank. Then add a tsp. of soy sauce to your stirfry. The only way you’ll know is if you track the nutrient-dense food you’re eating. It’s crazy. You will notice that you are getting all of your vitamins in spades but take a look at your sodium. It will be very low if you don’t salt your food or eat snacks or fast food. Too many people say not to eat salt. The fact is, our bodies thrive on salt AND sugar. Your carbs should not be too low either. For instance, if you eat ONLY healthy complex carbs you will barely get enough calories in…seriously. That includes fruit. I had to add granola which has some sugar in it to keep my calories up because I’m losing weight too quickly. That is definitely a thing. Your body thinks it’s dying and your energy drops. Not good.

Track your potassium and sodium as you do the telomeres meditation to reverse aging. They are producing the electricity you need in your body to keep your heart happy and QI moving. A banana is only 400 mg out of the 4700 you need!!. Urban myth on that one.


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