You can free yourself from a negative event or trauma without interacting or needing anything from that person. Forgiveness is 100% in your hands, for you, not them. All it does is cut the cord with that person. We call it bless and release. If you hate their guts or hold revenge in your heart you are hurting yourself by tying yourself into THEIR karma and making it part of yours. Your choice. People do it all the time. Probably to procrastinate on facing their own s…

In no way does your forgiveness of someone let them off of their karmic hook. That is the universe’s business and they can’t escape it. Neither can any of us! Don’t ever think that begging someone’s forgiveness let’s you worm out of your destiny. Always keep your own ongoing relationship with Source for the growth of your soul. And listen to Spirit guidance which most of the time is synchronicity. Learn well grasshopper. Lol 😆

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