Today is a GAP Kin

See it in the red box. Yellow Seed kin modulates the RIGHT ARM and Tone 12 the left knee joint. This would be the day to meditate on healing those telomeres if you have old Injury or old issues with Tone 12 or Yellow Seed. This is Crystal Valine in the body.

The power of the focused positive mind on your cells is the strongest healing modality you can employ. Just as negative emotion, anxiety and anger can put you in the hospital or kill you. Everyone agrees the negative mind is powerful on the body. Ask yourself why they wouldn’t believe the opposite? Why wouldn’t it work in reverse?

It does work in reverse but it’s against the narrative because it’s empowering to humans. Our programming is to be sick and die. That’s reality. No, it’s not. They are evil liars and it’s time for humanity to take charge of our minds and bodies. Does that idea scare you? It’s proof you’re programmed negatively about your body.

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