Telomeres Meditation to Reverse Aging and Activate Timelessness in the CNS

Try this for 30 minutes. You could also use any meditation video you prefer.

The telomeres are at the end of your chromosomes on all of your cells, like the end of a shoelace with plastic wrapped around it but in our case it would be like a type of electrical coil and they’re stimulated by the spinal column but there’s also crystalline energy there that I see.

While I’m doing this meditation I’m seeing the GAP kin being the location for a large portion of the telomeres. The ends of the chromosomes need to be stimulated to impact the central nervous system at the axis of the Eternal Present in a positive way. As you know the GAP kin refer to specific parts of the body for their evolution.

Any kin, events or people who you’ve dialed up in theTzolkin, who have impacted you negatively, have affected that part of your body and aged you. You let them for a soul lesson. You can reverse it by letting it go, forgiving and learning from it. That is what Tone 11 is about and why this is coming to me today.

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