Wednesday-ScR is 81 or More and Going Up

The earth is stormy today and evolving aggressively so the magnetosphere is expressing it. The earth and the other planets affect the sun and God only knows what the sun is going to do. It’s a modulator of all the activity in our local system but by no means does it control it. The Sun is in direct communication with Galactic Center, Source, so we are being cared for, not destroyed. The elite are the ones who like destroying things ON EARTH, not God nor us.

The vibes are creative bit tense today. We are guided by Blue 11 Spectral Night right now until noon when we move to agitated Red 11 Spectral Skywalker who will not be as patient encouraging release of the past. We need all of the helpful tech and Healthcare info. on the surface now, especially the reverse aging by correcting the telomeres. No other species in the universe ages and dies. It’s horse and buggy or as bad as the combustion engine and vaccines. Give me a break.

It’s 3:20 am and woke me up. ScR is up 40%.

This is a rough one: At midnight the unconscious mind was released. What dissolves is a portion of the 3D identity with its distortions of reality. Meaning, that what most people call normal life is a pretty significant distortion of the truth. It’s 4am in Michigan.

Your Intuition, the higher mind knows the way to peace and wholeness. Others don’t have your answers. Meditate. Breathe. Sleep, ask in faith for what you need, be sincere, listen to your body, and don’t blame others or yourself. Accept, forgive, release, and move on, and into what you want, not what you don’t want.

Saturn, Mars, and Neptune are mediating. Tone 11 is spectral or ghost-like and helps release and dissolve what is no longer needed. The 5GForce is 3 Electric Red Earth or 3Phenylalanine and is mediated by Uranus.

Interplanetary Holon

We see the synchronicity with Aries, Mars, and Red Skywalker and Uranus, the 5GForce in today’s astrology.

  • The Last Quarter Moon is exact this morning when the Sun in Cancer forms a square to the Moon in Aries. We’re beginning to see recent events in a more mature light. The next few days are good for reassessing matters from a more experienced viewpoint. For now, we can feel tense or conflicted.
  • The Moon continues its transit of Aries until 2:24 PM EDT, after which the Moon is in steady, deliberate Taurus.
  • However, Venus semi-square Uranus today points to some unpredictability and fickleness. We could follow whims or feel restless until we recognize the need to freshen up our relationships or pastimes. Rumblings of the need to change unhealthy patterns with relating and spending can occur.
  • The void Moon occurs from 10:20 AM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a square to the Sun), until the Moon enters Taurus at 2:24 PM EDT.


Let’s try this today. It’s pulsing in chest. There is no emotion moved here. This one is very base level DNA work.

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