Tuesday-Daily Reading; Meditation Produces More Breath by Using the Breath You Have

Today is the original pulse kin for 11-11-11 and Day 13 of the new Psi Bank weather front. With the rest of the synchronicities seen below, my advice is to center your heart, guard your words, be of service to the Light today with confused humans, and take super good care of your body. It is a power day where with Tone 10 Manifestation, Spiritual energy will manifest quickly. Watch your thoughts!!!

Status of the Magnetosphere, the Psi Bank

5:40am EST-The peak yesterday was 54. It has increased 11% in the last hour

Status of Our Evolving tRNA

Mediating is Uranus Mercury, Earth, and Pluto.

The attributes today are Spirit, Wind, communication, synchronicity, evolving, synergy, earth keeper, confidence, Love, loyalty, heart, faithful, influencer, freewill, holder of the chalice, hard worker, catalyze, lighting, energy, self-generating, mind liberator (preferably without drugs), activator of ascension, good teacher. The 5GForce is 4Glycine or White 4 Self-Existing Mirror. This is a perfect day for meditation and reflection.

The Status of Our 10 Planets Movement

We have a big synchronicity today with Uranus mediating White Wind~Red Earth while the asteroid Chiron goes retrograde located inside the orbit of Uranus!! Look to the left of the image

Chiron was discovered in 1977 by the American astronomer Charles Kowal and classified as an asteroid with the number 2060. It is about 200 km (125 miles) in diameter and travels in an unstable, eccentric orbit that crosses that of Saturn and passes just inside that of Uranus with a period of 50.45 years.

  • Chiron stations and turns retrograde today and will remain retrograde until December 23rd. This cycle is strong for introspection and assessing our mental and physical health programs/efforts. (White 4 Mirror our 5th density GForce)However, the station itself can be disorienting. Indecision is likely as we adjust to the shift.
  • Also today, Mercury (mediates our guide power, White 10 Dog) heads into the sign of Leo for a stay until August 4th. With Mercury in Leo in the weeks ahead, our thinking is confident and grand, and clearly defined goals motivate us. We are expressive, convincing, decisive, and persuasive. We want our voices and input heard! It’s not a time when we’re content with letting others make all the moves or decisions–we need to be involved. We take the lead, manage, direct, and create while Mercury is in Leo. We need to relate to information or create stories about it to absorb it. During this cycle, we should watch for being too inflexible or proud to change course.
  • Complicating the day’s energies is a Sun-Pluto opposition, (Blue 4 Storm Hidden Wisdom)pulling up deeper, darker, or buried and unresolved matter. Through feelings, relationships, and events, we can more clearly see areas of life where we’ve been holding onto something too tightly or giving away our personal power. This can be disruptive and feel uncomfortable, but it can also heighten self-awareness. A tricky or buried issue might now reach a head. We may feel on edge, volatile, or defensive. There can be an inner drama, or external circumstances seem to undermine our perception of powerfulness. We may experience a battle within ourselves between light and dark energies, or we can meet this theme through others. Outside forces remind us of our need to take charge of our lives, but shortcuts to gaining control are unlikely to work out. Instead, we should formulate strategies for managing our fears or worries.

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