Monday-Daily Reading; Nurture Yourself and Admit You Need Nurturing for Authenticity. It Will Raise Your Frequency and Remedy Distortions.

It has come to my attention that there is so much sexual dysfunction and confusion right now that I am making a clear demarcation between nurturing and sex. We’ve got a Pandora’s box here. No light worker or healer will bring sex into the mix with therapy. End of story.

There is far more mental and physical tension on this Red Dragon day. Today is Red 9 Solar Dragon. Watch for mention of the Dragon in media as synchronicity. I’ve already seen it twice. Mars chimes in with the Moon in Aries causing some of us to see red and being challenged to be patient with constant error.

We enter a new HF16 today; Crystal Input. Inform the flowering of cooperation (very idealistic)

The following 4 days are pulsed by 4D I Ching Hx10; TREADING/CONDUCT. The nucleotide Arginine or Blue Eagle is potent in the RNA movement in 3 more days as the ANALOG; Blue 12 Crystal Eagle.

Earth Holon

ScR is spiking.

The amplitude is at 70

Body Holon

Neptune, Uranus, Venus, and Pluto are mediating today. 9Cysteine tRNA is evolving in the body. Blue 5 Storm is the 5GForce; PLUTO

Attributes are nurturing, relationship with mother, reflection, duality, feelings about coming into the body, staying on earth, authenticity, safety to be yourself and need care, ancestors, being able to observe and apply synchronicity, choosing an authentic path in life, challenged by feeling magic and sexuality in the body, with the hidden wisdom of solar consciousness. Do you meditate in the sun for a bit? Today is a good day to do it.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Neptune today.

  • Mercury opposes Pluto (The Hidden Wisdom) early today, and we can face some pressure to deal with problem areas. (Issues of health care, compassion, and nurturing are why I’m posting late. White coats.) There can be mental tension, paranoid thoughts, or excessive suspicion to manage. We might either feel compelled to talk and question or withhold information. We can too quickly become embroiled in power struggles. However, if we aim to learn from our resentment, it can bring us closer to understanding what we truly want. (EXACT)
  • The day advances with more positivity. The Moon heads into Aries at 7:18 AM EDT, and we want to start fresh.
  • The Moon’s alignment with Jupiter encourages us to embrace our needs for self-direction, self-expression, and initiative. (EXACT)


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