A New Short Update From Corey Goode

Synopsis before the video;

  • The Super Federation has been disbanded
  • His attorney was injured by a hit-and-run criminal from Denver with a record.
  • There are armadas from Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune full of bad actors also being disbanded. In the Tzolkin story, as you know, the Time Thieves are from Jupiter and Saturn. These two planets mediate Yellow Seed~Blue Eagle and Yellow Warrior~Blue Night. This kin might be struggling with their heart alignment and values right now. The ones I know are. Neptune mediates Red Dragon~White Mirror so this planet is easily home to some Draco Reptilians.
  • We have Zulu help, Global Galactic League of Nations (GGLN) has been very busy rounding people up for cosmic trials, and Emmi, a leader of the Zulu has been helpful.
  • Our Sun, Sol, and Aldeberan are under siege right now
  • The cosmic trials are going forward. The cue is taken from the pulses in the Cosmic Web which pulses with the thoughts of the One Infinite Creator. The way Corey talked about this leads me to feel these are THE TZOLKIN TONES OF CREATION that pulse in the cosmic web. In this video, he mentions a rhythmic pulse which would be Rhythmic Tone 6. Yesterday was tone 6.

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