True Time Update for Friday-Daily Reading; What Time is It? Rhythmic Reflection

Today is White 7 Resonant Mirror; 7tyrosine. We are on DAY 9 of 97 days until this major cycle in the Psi Bank is over, moving through the personal and societal apocalypse vibration that will not be splashed on MSM. Why would it be? If you wait for them to tell you what time it is your life will be over before you ever felt better. The Synchronicity News is HERE>

Earth Holon

At 1 PM est it is spiking g at 27%, 3x normal

Body Holon

We’re in the Matrix of Endlessness. Tell your friends. GAP Portal alert!

The attributes today are reflection, duality, equality, blood memory, primordial mother, Venusian beauty and art and the hidden wisdom is the integrity of intuition and abundance. The 5GForce from Fith Density is 8 Glycine or White 8 Wind mediated by Uranus. We see it in astrology today. This is communicated, spiritual truth which is cohesive, cooperative Love. It can be taught by the family or taught how not to be by the family. It is still a lesson.

The Interplanetary Holon-the Effects on the Body your parents gifted to you.

The DNA on Earth is billions of years old. OUR DNA is only 1 Million years old approximately. Our humanoid ancestors who seeded us have been here a very long time in varying degrees. We are a new human species here. The plants, animals, and insects are far older than humans. Nevertheless, we are magnificent functioning under love and tend to run things. Otherwise, elite humans are a nightmare for most life forms. Choose Love.

White Mirror~Red Dragon is mediated by Neptune. These tribes and this planet are responsible, to a great degree, for seeding DNA life on EARTH.

The average temperature on Neptune is a brutally cold -373 degrees F. Triton, Neptune’s largest satellite, has the coldest temperature measured in our solar system at -391 degrees F. That is only 68 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than absolute zero, a temperature in which all molecular action stops.
Atmosphere: Hydrogen (80.0%), Helium (18.5…
The average distance from Sun: is 2.8 billion miles
The tilt of axis: 28.32 degrees
Sidereal Rotation: 16.11 Earth hours
  • Venus forms a quincunx to Pluto today, and we might grapple with power and control, insecurity, or jealousy issues. There can be re-assessments with close personal relationships, spending, entertainment, or social life matters. Fears can disrupt the flow, but they can help us see what may have been our personal blind spots.
  • The Moon spends the day in the sign of Aquarius, and we tend to see all sides on a matter. We can be more invested in our friendships, connections, and happiness goals.
  • The Moon’s alignment with Saturn brings a serious, responsible, ambitious tone to later today. Situations that require us to keep a cool head work best under this influence since we’re not easily swept away by our feelings.


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