Wednesday-Daily Reading; The Full Moon is in Capricorn Which Mediates Yellow Warrior

Today is Yellow 4 Self-Existing Warrior. This kin is stubborn and isolated steeped in delusion due to fear with a very kind and intelligent soul. It’s maddening. You would think a kin who is called Warrior would be brave but it’s the opposite.

The reason you incarnate into the tribe that you do is that it is the part of your soul that needs development. I am Skywalker because I’m too rigid and demanding. Becoming 13 Skywalker makes me push my edges and explore so I don’t get terribly stuck in my ways.

Those who incarnate as Blue Storm need to be less dependent on family and others and self-generate and put their own fire under their butt. Blue Eagle kin has tended to be myopic, closed-minded, and provincial so their creative vision is going to be stimulated in this lifetime to open them up. We all need to expand and open up so take a clue from your birth destiny oracle and your astrological natal chart and cooperate with yourself. If you can live with yourself it makes it easier for the rest of us to live with you. I speak to myself on this one also.

Earth Holon

They call this calm but the peak amplitude is 47. ?
Apparently, the sun is exploding also. So, I feel that like our bodies, everything has to shake down and adjust. I do not believe in the cataclysm or apocalypse scenario for the earth or our bodies. I believe evolution is gradual. The apocalypse is INTERNAL and in our institutions that have far outlived their usefulness which is an understatement.

Body Holon

4Histidine, 4Alanine, 4Glutamic Acid, 4Threonine, 10Serine, The 5GForce is 10Valine

More profound synchronicity here; The fellow I was dating is this kin but the fellow I dated before him is the GForce; Yellow 10 Planetary Seed. None of it has settled in and I’m still in touch with them. I don’t know why. It’s too crazy. But you see they are the impetus for each other on dimensional levels, apparently learning something from me. I feel sorry for any man trying to learn something from me. LOL. I don’t protect their egos. No one protects women’s egos. Some of us still have dignity and self-respect.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Saturn today which rules Capricorn. Big Synchronicity. I have a sense that many of these 4D alignments are superficial. The upper densities trump the movie playing down here on earth and the possibilities are actually more diverse.

  • A Full Moon occurs today at 2:38 PM EDT in the sign of Capricorn, reminding us that we can’t ignore our commitments to the outside world. We must take care of our responsibilities, attend to business, act maturely, and take charge.
  • This Full Moon in Capricorn connects with Mercury and Uranus, suggesting novel ideas associated with realizations and epiphanies occurring now. It’s a time of epiphanies, turning points, and strong realizations.
  • Mercury’s sextile to Uranus today encourages alternative approaches, new ideas, and scientific thinking. Intuition is strong, and insights are quick and exciting. Original, creative ideas and theories come naturally. We can take advantage of this by solving problems in new, innovative ways. Varying our usual routine may be especially rewarding, and ideas to do so abound.
  • As the day advances, a Venus-Neptune square, exact early tomorrow, comes into play, and it can cast a veil over our needs, wants, and perceptions today. We may be dreaming up the ideal, which can clash with reality. We can lack some discrimination, particularly regarding people we care about, our relationships, and material things. We should make an effort to separate fact from fiction to avoid setting ourselves up for disappointment. For example, what appears to be a great buy or something we need may ultimately be useless to us, or worse, a financial drain or money pit. Lines can blur when pursuing pleasure, as we can convince ourselves to believe what we want to think. We’re likely too close to the situation. Examining discontent experienced now may be an opportunity to identify where we’ve neglected our spiritual, idealistic, romantic, or imaginative needs.


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