The ScR Was a One Off. It Went Back Down.

Now, at 6pm est. It shot back up to 47 so it is a roller coaster.

Early today: It already shot back down to 9. I just checked it because I felt a release. We may be in for a roller coaster today. I feel something odd going on, as Corey said. I can psychically see what’s going on in the upper densities.

But I have to stay grounded for my own body and my patients and focus. I have three today so I don’t get distracted. Corey didn’t mention The Ancients of Days or maybe they’re called something else but they are not The Guardians who are also bigwigs.

There is a MAJOR hearing going on, I can feel and hear the tension regarding the status of humans and Christ Michael and the other species, our helpers chiming in.

Contracts that have been made with other species, legitimate contracts to genetically engineer us do not transcend the authority of CREATOR LOVE for his creation with Mother Spirit. They are trying to parse out those boundaries. Some have been crossed. It was certainly crossed on MALDEK by Lucifer when he was still GOOD. He wasn’t bad right away. Remember he was a high ranking angel of light.

This is why I keep reminding my followers, the universe isn’t perfect even though their vision and skills eclipse us. It is all about purifying the heart in LOVE exemplified by J.C. It’s not about skill or talents.

Corey didn’t mention this, but I feel some of the horrific tragedy on Maldek was due to the choices or undersight of The Guardians. I don’t fully trust them. I think he might. But that will likely be another hearing.

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