Saturday-Daily Reading; The Magnetosphere of Earth IS the Tzolkin and It Is the Controlling Force of all of the Cycles

We see its manifestation as the auroras. Every planet has an ELM field, an electromagnetic field that is its magnetosphere. In our local system and likely in others in the local universe, it is The Tzolkin or count of days. What are counting days? A calendar or more accurately, a harmonic, so named because it harmonizes exponential, universal cycles that are a precise count of TIME AND PEOPLE from the past and the future. It is tracking Time and people or kin, from planet to planet.

This is basic stuff that has been perverted by the Church and the State taking over the sacred count of days and turning it into the Gregorian calendar named for Pope Gregory. Then they infiltrate and control mainstream science with Time is Money, disrespect women, and lightworkers, and stomp on intuition. Sure, great science there guys. Well, it’s wrong almost all of the time so…

The priests hacked up the 13 moon cycles into chaotic pieces and turned them into 12 uneven months, named them after Roman gods, objectified the female body, the 28-day fertility cycle of women that is harmonized with the 364-day solar cycle, the sun, and tried to steal our time as slaves in a shill, corporate greed system where humans are fodder for their profit. Like LinkedIn. Those people believe time is money and are lost. I am a truth enemy to them in their ocean of lies and fraud owned by Bill Gates, the enemy of the people. Tell your friends.

The ScR is tracking the Resonance of OUR minds collectively and the rest of the DNA sentient mind with the mind of the earth.

The peak frequency of the Psi Bank is 10, pretty close to normal.

Our Body Evolution

Yellow 13 Cosmic Human or universal free will. It’s a universal law.

In this oracle we see 13Human Glutamic acid supported by Blue 13 Cosmic Hand isoleucine. It’s guided by 13 Warrior histidine, challenged by 13 Wind glycine and the hidden wisdom is 1Red Moon. The 5gforce is 1leucine or Yellow 1 Magnetic Star.

All humans in every dimension are naturally accomplished self-healers and self-generators when guided by their intelligence or helper teachers. The challenge for us is communicating with spiritual love. We have a lot of aggressive primate in our DNA and we can all feel it. It’s a combo of Reptilian and Monkey. The wisdom is that we can start with a new RNA codon which is methionine.

Interplanetary Holon-Astrology Monitor

In the upper densities, we are mediated by Earth🌎

  • Mercury forms a square to Jupiter very early today and later, a sesquiquadrate to Saturn, and we’re struggling with our expectations. (don’t have any except for yourself and let the karma lead). Taking shortcuts can backfire now. It can be a time when we want to move ahead but get stuck editing or refining instead. Overextension can lead to frustrations. We might watch for hypersensitivity, negative thinking, and unhelpful criticism. However, the day is somewhat beneficial for identifying flaws or fixing problems. (Too much 3D drama here. Don’t expect others to please you. Please yourself.)
  • Fortunately, a Sun-Uranus sextile comes into influence later today, and we’re more willing to adapt to new circumstances, ideas, and unfamiliar situations. Spirits are high, and we’re excited about the change. Group connections can be enlightening, and we’ll do our best if we embrace flexibility and innovation. We might arrive at creative solutions to problems and make happy improvements now.

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