The Attack on Lightworkers, Holistics, and Truth Tellers is Real

I’m being more careful after being followed and extolled pretty strongly on LinkedIn and then being kicked off of it for my holistic posts and reporting fraud. They accused ME of fraud when I was the victim of fraud.

They asked me to verify my identity which was crazy on the face of it as they always verify through my cell phone code. This time they wanted my drivers license. I sent it to them! Nope. They asked for it then rejected it. So this lightworker hunt of good people with absolutely clean records and great reputation online IS REAL. I’m so straight in my behavior and my record so clear on every level I’m beyond reproach. That is who they are going after.

The BBB just accredited me after the likes of GOOGLE used the BBB to slander my holistic business on the Internet, front and center because I wasn’t accredited. There is no law stating you have to pay $600/year to be accredited by the BBB. I am now bc they are giving me a megaphone about sex trafficking and prostitution massage in Michigan with the State and the media if I want it. I’m meeting with them this week.

Prostitution massage is PROTECTED by an ordinance in the City of Grand Rapids and by a massage therapy license from the state. These are bodyworkers. Ummm, NOT in my field. I and many of my peers are manual therapists and healers. It is past time for REAL healthcare options for humans all over the world that does not always involve invasive cutting and drugging that many times DOES…NOT…WORK and in fact makes you sicker.

  • Linked in is owned by Bill Gates; A.I. Prophet.
  • Twitter is owned by Elon Musk; A.I. Prophet.
  • Facebook is owned by Mark Zuckerberg; A.I. Prophet.
  • Instagram is owned by Facebook

None of them are legitimate. Turn them off if you know what’s good for you.

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