Long message from Corey Goode on Telegram

This is a crazier situation than most know or honestly would believe. Attn: James and Jay.

On an even more serious note, I am warning individuals I am associated with about a few security concerns that they may want to be aware of. After what we have experienced recently, I would suggest

  • The ECETI team keep their eyes open.
  • I would check for ways of tracking cars or for unfamiliar cars following them or driving their neighborhoods. We have had an uptick in that type of activity including one individual attempting to start a road rage incident with me while recording with their phone – a person I have seen following us a number of times now. With all of the lawsuits and other investigations going on right now, it’s hard to tell if these are investigators or people associated with the cyber-stalking group that we reported to the FBI, and local police, and in some cases have lawsuits against in federal court. In any case, they are just digging themselves deeper into a very serious situation.

This may sound a bit paranoid but remember – My attorney, the lead in a Federal RICO and Federal suit against some in this community, was hit by a car when she was crossing the street near her home. She had a number of serious injuries including a head wound that required staples at the Emergency Room. Thankfully she is as stubborn and dedicated to justice in this situation and has remained our lead attorney after she recovered from her injuries. The person that fled the scene was later identified and spent time in prison in Colorado and is part of a well-known criminal organization. Can all of these things be attributed to coincidence?

I believe that the current corrupt Ufology control system (Ufology Syndicate) and the psychologically disturbed cutouts that they gaslit into attacking us are extremely worried about what we have found in our investigations related to our lawsuits and provided to law enforcement. We will not be intimidated and we will not stop blowing the whistle on the rampant corruption in the disclosure movement. All of the evidence has already been collected and prepared for court and in some cases for our documentary series that will expose the Ufology Syndicate and Disclosure control system. There is nothing these people can do to prevent what occurs now in the courts, through investigators or in our documentaries.

I would ask all true light workers to pray for my family, the ECETI team, David Wilcock, and everyone associated with us. A lot of dark individuals are going after the lightworker community on all levels and have no problem using gang-stalking tactics or dark magic to try to cause us to falter in our missions. I would meditate and pray for the protection of all lightworkers and have an intent that any dark magic or intent from the negative is reflected back to them like a mirror.

From Lisa:

I am most definitely a Light worker but I am so hooked in and protected, honestly, any muggle that had it out for me would be very sorry very quickly, not from me but from those I work for in the Universe. I am in service to the Planet and humanity right now. In this lifetime, I came knowing what my mission was and I didn’t plan on it being a carnival nor was I going to get attached to anything or anyone.

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