Wednesday Daily Reading; Release Repressed Emotions for Physical Healing

Today we enter HF13, Apocalyptic ENERGY according to the Psi Bank Flow Key, which may or may not manifest to our eyes. It should manifest since it’s TONE 10; Manifestation. Or maybe it will be in our personal lives and not the collective. I wish to God it would be a sea change in the collective. This is an epic day for personal therapy that’s for sure if you look at all the synchronicity between 3D astrology in the Holon and in the Mayan Oracle in the upper densities. Also, today is the writer Walt Whitman’s birth gateway. Check out Leaves of Grass, one of his most famous books.

Cosmic Process. Formulate the FREE WILL of Presence! I ChingHx48; THE WELL. DNA overarching nucleotide is GCC or Alanine; Blue Night

Earth Holon Evolving

Peak frequency is 16, 2x normal and it spiked 12% from the last reading.

Body Holon Evolving-from (comments beneath are mine)

Releasing repressed emotion is what heals the physical body. Knowing when you see synchronicity in a situation or person helps this move. Pay attention.
In light, Red 10 Moon’s mission coming to earth is to be an accomplished, possibly famous healer and they present as such.
tRNA evolving as 10methionine, 10asparticacid, 10phenylalanine, 10tryptophan, and 4glutamic acid. The 5gforce is 4Asparagine.

In today’s destiny oracle the key attributes are the Universal flow of feeling, manifested love, and companionship manifested synchronicity, manifested catalyzation and self-generation, and realizing that self-contained free will is the key to a good life, not following orders, mandates, others, family, or anyone! Follow the universe in you. Otherwise, Earth is not a safe place nor a very happy place. Earth has been manipulated for profit by the nefarious E.T. and the Elite for a very long time.

The Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Mercury today whose 3D placement is in Cancer. The Sun is still in Cancer also until July 20. Venus is in Gemini so nothing is very warm but communication between mates should be good. The Moon is in Libra so we have a lot of air moving for counseling, communication, and balance. This is the perfect day to do TALK THERAPY.

  • Today’s Venus-Chiron sextile is generous and warm. We more readily express our accommodating natures and connect with the need of others. We’re open to learning to overcome our insecurities. We might more easily identify the needs and desires we’ve suppressed, (in direct synchronicity with the oracle), and getting into a healthier relationship with this buried matter can help. We’re open to intimacy and sharing and see beauty in our imperfections. As we learn what we genuinely value, our choices and decisions about relationships and finances improve.
  • With a Mercury-Uranus semi-square, (Seen EXACTLY as the theme and guide power mediated by Mercury and Uranus!) we’re mentally excited but distractable. This transit adds minor erratic elements to the day, particularly our communications thought processes, and outlook. We may be rushing to complete something, share an idea, or communicate, but things may end up half-done if we’re impatient. We are bored with routine, which can be a sign that we need some mental refreshment.


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