Intuitive Categories on my Home Page

The ancient Mayan Round. Parse it down and it illuminates our DNA from our birth family and our star family.

I am currently working hard to categorize and make sure tags and categories are accurate on all of my Mayan posts over the last two years.

I started posting on the Mayan Oracle in May 2020, pretty much when Covid hit after I saw the sequences given to me by Dr. Chavez lining up with their manipulation of the mRNA in the lab to make the vaccine. Dr. Chavez had a huge fit and then as you know, consequently had a stroke and lost his vision. I believe his brain is healing now but I haven’t heard from him.

So, most of those posts should show up under the category Mayan or Mayan Oracle. Just take a look at the home page. I’ve posted about 1400 posts so…there is plenty there to read, including my old subject matter of relationships, gender balance, and dating. Lord have mercy. 🙂

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