I Don’t Like Fireworks, I Like Math. Happy 4th.

I stared at this Psi Bank Image and figured it out.

The Psi Bank, The Collective Mind of Earth Composed of ALL sentient thought from DNA creation-lawoftime.org

This looks like a 260-day Tzolkin but it’s not. As I mentioned before, look at the 52 green Galactic Activation Portals or G.A.P. kin! They are divided into 3 days or 3 kin, or 3, 24-hour periods on one square. Why?

Because in the 4th dimension, it takes 3 days for DNA to activate in a sequence. It could also have to do with the action of the tRNA or the transfer RNA. I did the simple math;

  • 52 x 3 (The G.A.P. kin) adds up to 156 days, not 52 days
  • The normal Tzolkin is composed of 5, 52-day castles that add up to 260. Now we have more than that.
  • 52 x 4 = 208 days and 52 x 3 = 156 days. We now have…364 days! The approximate length of a solar year (or will be in our lifetime since the rotation of the earth has sped up, so the days are shorter. Right now we are at 365.24 but that decreases daily now.

The image above is actually the earth’s solar year merged with the 13, 28-day moons in a solar year and the 260-day galactic spin.

What are the amino acids where the G.A.P. kin land and sit for 3 days in 4D?

I’m going in numerical order on the green squares. Notice that these are occult kin to each other as the tones add up to 14. Therefore they pulse directly to Hidden Wisdom, the subconscious mind, and the mother’s DNA. It’s obviously all about manifestation as a carbon-based lifeform. How alchemical! It’s also very basic. Everything is made of carbon. But consciousness comes from the female. That is not basic. Your soul is made in your mother with the help of Mother Spirit and Source.

Each amino acid listed lasts for 3 days!

  • 1 Cysteine, 7Stop Codon, 7Cysteine, 13Stop Codon = Spins for 12 days
  • 9Glycine, 13Tryptophan, 1Glycine, 5Tryptophan = “
  • 4Alanine, 6Tyrosine, 8Alanine, 10Tyrosine= “
  • 11Aspartic Acid, 12Asparagine, 2Aspartic Acid, 3Asparagine = “
  • 12Valine, 12Phenylalanine, 2Valine, 2Phenylalanine= Continue down the line the same
  • 4Methionine, 7Glutamic Acid, 7 Methionine, 10Glutamic Acid
  • 7Serine, 5Histidine, 9Serine, 7Histidine
  • 10Leucine, 2Glutamine, 10Leucine, 4Glutamine
  • 2Threonine, 11Arginine, 3Threonine, 11Arginine
  • 3Isoleucine, 10Lysine, 4Isoleucine, 11Lysine
  • 4Leucine, 9Glutamine, 5Leucine, 10Glutamine
  • 5Methionine, 8Glutamic Acid, 6Methionine, 9Glutamic Acid
  • 6Aspartic Acid, 7Asparagine, 7Aspartic Acid, 8Asparagine

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