Sunday Daily Reading; We need to Equalize all Sectors on Our Planet. That Will Require CHANGE and Attunement to a New Way

The peak frequency is 75, about 9x normal

I believe the magnetosphere and the rest of the local solar system planets are causing the Sun to act as it does right now. The assumption with the male scientists is that since the sun is so big it must be in charge of initiating all changes on the planets. We know where that assumption is coming from.

The Sun has no DNA. Evolution on all planets is initiated by the collective mind of DNA and the Sun serves the local system in Love and Light.

Status of Body Evolution

Key attributes of the tRNA cell are Death/change, Prophecy/movement, Spiritual Reflection/Duality, Intelligence/Status and Vision/creativity, and mind.

7threonine, 7Glutamine, 7Tyrosine, 7Histidine, 7Arginine. The 5gforce is 7Lysine

Credit to for the screenshots

The 5th Density Human Helper-credit Craig Campobasso

The 5th Density Galactic Force Pulsing on us as of midnight last night is White 7 Resonant Wizard. White Wizard causes us to look in the mirror (The guiding power) deeper and see what we need to change in the light of timelessness and be more receptive. I’ve felt very uncomfortable this morning about feeling an overwhelming urge to get credit and attention for being right about the 13,000 and 26,000-year cycles. It’s not my ego, it’s for the best towards the human body and mind!!! We run at 13:20, not 12:60. The error is causing bedlam on earth and for humans and I want it to stop. So, I have a control issue there. Usually, for the last 30+ years,

I guess I can start blasting YouTube videos all over creation and appear very calm and attractive and see what attention or hate garners. It’s never easy to cut a completely new swath to a new path, like using a machete to cut down dense forest blocking the way to Shambala. I will never… back down on how exceptional human DNA is to heal, align, end physical death and suffering AND, the narratives part in aiding our demise and using us for their nefarious purposes. Never! But a woman saying it forcefully? I really don’t give a flying f..k anymore. I’m actually immune to haters after Covid and my utter lack of support for masking and vaccines in holistic care. I cannot believe what they are trying to do to the human species, babies, and children with these toxic vaccines. The monkeypox virus will be next. Just boycott the whole thing, folks. Do not watch MSM.

Our helpers are the Ummites and Saurians.

The Ummites are from the planet Ummo, one continent world with many large lakes. It is near Sagitta, a dim constellation in the northern sky. Feel free to look it up. It is a real place. They have a heightened sense of smell and are primarily nocturnal, like a cat. That is an archetype of the White Wizard; the cat. White Wizard kin on earth is mediated by Maldek. They have no monetary system. (My ex was White Wizard and he was so opposed to money. He hated money. LOL.) They are fairly communal and believe society thrives through joint effort and discipline. They have been on earth since March 1950 to learn about our cultures and are telepathic empaths. They say the multiverse exists because pockets of reverse time (AC, aboriginal continuity is the future back to the present-very Tzolkonic) and positioned matter exists in areas where the light velocity is faster. (our physics states that as well, not that anyone is reading it.) The electrical and magnetic fields and stationary electrical fields do not radiate out of reversed space-time. Universes formed out of dark matter exist in REVERSE TIME. They invert the dark matter universes to exist in our space-time and travel through those corridors across the universe, cutting travel time to a minimum. Be sure and tell all of your friends. LOL!!!!!-Credit Craig Campobasso for retrieving this info!

The Saurian Beings are from Lacerta, a small northern constellation. They are GOOD Reptilians and not terribly tall or big. Some are vibrantly colored. They follow the Cosmic Law of One as does the previous species but this species has splinter groups. They are not geneticists as much as anthropologists, studying cultural differences and similarities between species, to learn and be peaceful. They are fully conscious and sovereign over themselves.

The Status of our Local 3D System

We are mediated by Mars today.

Mars was called Maldek, Tiamat’s Moon before it became the asteroid belt. Aries kin, Red Skywalker, and White Worldbridger are intimately tied to it’s saga.
  • The Moon moves from expressive Leo to productive Virgo at 8:32 AM EDT.
  • Minor challenging aspects of Pluto with Mercury and Venus today can leave us slightly off-center. (absolutely) Feelings of jealousy and possessiveness result from a fear of losing something. We might not be able to imagine a direct route to our desires right now, possibly leading to a tendency to manipulate. Financial tensions can surface, and issues of trust can emerge in relationships. (inflation is tanking the economy in many sectors. People have cut way back on their spending and it’s hitting small businesses)
  • Decision-making can be fraught with Mercury quincunx Pluto. This transit suggests difficulties digesting or accepting a matter. (What I posted above. Indolence) We might have a hard time getting our message across or coming to a decision/conclusion that feels right, or we trigger negative responses from others. (What I posted above) Tension today results from fear-based suspicions. Still, it can also be a time for recognizing the needs and desires that we’ve suppressed. Getting into a healthier relationship with these buried needs can help.
  • The void Moon occurs from 6:00 AM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a trine to Mars), (Red Skywalker analog) until the Moon enters Virgo at 8:32 AM EDT.

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