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This could prove to be helpful. I’m looking at it right now. This is how I spend my holiday. ☺️ For you folks.

 The four shifts in the earth’s axis that occur during one orbit are what accounts for winter, spring, summer and fall in the areas north and south of the tropical zones 23 ½ degrees North and South of the equator.

The designation of the psi bank makes the conceptualization of the noosphere easier. Contemplate that the entirety of the systems of thought and knowledge are all contained within the psi bank regulator of the noosphere. This psi bank regulator, located between these two electromagnetic fields, is not only a storage unit for all thought, but also contains all knowledge of the evolutionary timing programs.

Activating the Psi Bank in the 13 Moon Calendar as Daily Psi Chrono Units (PSI/PCU).

Look at the degrees of latitude and longitude on this. This is where I get the location of the 64 hexagrams to cover all sections of earth. And remember that there is one DNA nucleotide hexagram per 4kin (4day) harmonic in the Tzolkin. The I Ching hexagrams are ancient Chinese DNA information that has been verified. It’s an oracle they’ve used for thousands of years. 64 x 4 is 256. 4 less 260 because HF33 has no 3D governance. The 64 hexagrams merge perfectly with the 260 day galactic spin of the Tzolkin.

Click for full-sized Psi Bank

This is EIGHT TZOLKINS, 2080 days. The DNA spiral is in the middle of all of them at the G.A.P. kin, galactic activation portals. Anyway, most of this is in my book, Time is DNA.

Visualize the psi bank, with the Psi Chrono Unit of the day pulsating on all eight psi bank plates. You can visualize it glowing and pulsating in its corresponding color. (i.e. Red for Red Dragon units, White for White Wind units, etc.).

My comments

This is about correlating the 13 Moon calendar which is the march of 13 full moons of 28 days each in a 365-day year, 8 times in the Psi Bank so that it contains a FULL CYCLE of 2080 days. 260 x 8 =2080. 2080 days comprises all the plates of the Psi bank in its full seasonal earth cycles, etc. The Tzolkin cycles are ONE with the earth’s cycles, all of them. The math works out perfectly. It’s PROOF of the 13,000, 26,000, and 52,000-year cycles as one with the earth, its timing, its astronomy, the sun cycles, the planetary cycles, all of it. And it’s synced EXACTLY with the FEMALE fertility cycle.

We come into manifestation through our mothers. Our mother controls and programs our DNA and our subconscious mind and the father is supposed to HELP her. This is basic knowledge that everyone knows. He does not govern the mother and in my opinion, the woman does not govern him. They are supposed to work as equals. There is no patriarchy or matriarchy when there is balance so I support neither in cultures. The mother is ONE with the child and this planet needs to get to the point where the male is EQUAL with the female, to an elevated status he would be. He is certainly not now because of patriarchy. There is no control; there is ONLY LOVE!!

The Psi Bank is THE MIND OF THE EARTH and it correlates exactly with all the other 9 planets in our solar system, of which THE SUN serves all. It takes its cues from evolution. The sun is a star, not a planet.

Our Local Solar System

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  1. Amazing !
    Most of the planets associated with my “Destiny Oracle” (all five MW signs), are strongly aspected, astrologically.

    – Red Planetary Skywalker

    1. Yes!! That’s how it is for everyone whenever they spin up their birth. Not only that, your children and family members are either right next to you in the Tzolkin or in your harmonic or inverse harmonic. I promise you. I’ve seen it for 30 years. Our karma and lessons with our family, mates and friends is highly spiritual and profound. Let me know if you need a chart on someone.

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