The Psi Bank Magnetosphere Flow Key

The Earth, the Sun, the weather, the astronomy, our bodies, and our local system ARE ONE in a 13:20 matrix.

This is from Jose Arguelles in Earth Ascending on page 123. Where I’ve circled in red are the Harmonics that begin the shift from CA to AC and end it which I already posted. July 7 to October.

Map 43-The Prophetic Psi Bank Flow Key of THE EARTH from Earth Ascending

Here is the text that goes with the map written by Jose Arguelles. Maybe he channeled it. Idk. (parentheses are Lisa’s comments)

Credit Jose Arguelles, Earth Ascending

Here, in schematic fashion, is a total read-out of the psi bank components, a map of the psychoatmospheric matrix of planet earth. To begin, we should note that the numbers of each of the eight seasonal plates comprising the 64-unit holonomic recollection circuit add up to 260, the number of units in the underlying Tzolkin/SOLAR PULSATION PLATE. (The SUN is in direct synchronicity with the Tzolkin and its cycles are controlled by the Tzolkin as well which are 26,000, 52,000, and just keep adding zeros. Math is timeless. The Sun does NOT exist in a 12:60 matrix. That is just in error. This map is proof.)The mystic columns of the Tzolkin plates are indicated, the four such columns providing the center of the four psi-tectonic plates; AfroEurasion, Pacific, American, and Atlantic. (Remember the mantle of Earth is heaving!)

The equator provides the primary bipolar division into northern and southern AC and CA templates, as well as the division of the longitudinal plates into the eight seasonal plates. Each of these eight plates is then divided into three psi-nimboid membrane leaves and eight psi matrix units. Corresponding psychoatmospherric divisions are indicated along the right-hand side of the main matrix.

The diamond formation patterns enclosing each of the mystic columns suggest the Tzolkin solar pulsation matrix that underlies this pattern. These refer to the primary structure of the binary triplet configuration. (See page 82, Table 4 of Time is DNA). The looping pattern of the civilizational flow is also evident in this matrix. Keeping in mind that each of the eight seasonal plates is superimposed upon a 260-unit Tzolkin/solar pulsation matrix, the total underlying matrix contains 2080 such units. Since the 260 units refer to units of time, which are days or an individual, the designation “psi-Chrono” has been applied to the individual units of the total eight Tzolkin psi bank matrix. (For instance, today’s psi-Chrono is Blue 7 Resonant Monkey which is in HF28, kin111. Today we are in HF12, kin45. We are 16 harmonics apart and 66 kin apart with the psi-Chrono. I will have to get back to you on the significance of this. It is yet another pulsation pattern in the Tzolkin that I am parsing out.

We may regard a psi-Chrono time unit in the following manner; just as there are four seasons per year, each with its unique quality following upon another, so there is a cycle of 260 days, each of which contains its particular quality, which, synchronized with the flow pattern of days in their seasonal succession, accounts for the richly diverse, seemingly unpredictable changes that accompany each day, both atmospherically and psychically. (because of free will).

It is in such a manner that we arrive at the threshold of psychoatmospheric studies. (Accurate Tzolkonic astronomy and meteorology or the weather, psyche meaning caused by THE INTUITIVE MIND) In terms of the holonomic equation, psychoatmospheric studies are to the binary (duality) resonant unfolding of humans in relation to the environment what physics is to the study of the laws of the phenomenal world. In this regard, we may also speak of psychoatmospheric weather fronts. The pattern of major fronts is to the far right of this map. Corresponding to the major transitions of psychocultural development, the psychoatmospheric weather fronts can thus be plotted on the psi bank flow key.

Lisa’s explanation. This looks complicated. It is an illumination of THE EARTH AS TIME and the flow of history (back in time) and the future (forward in time) as ONE. We are taught it is linear. It is not. It is an eternal spiral; it is DNA going back and forth in time. You have to open your mind. Manifestation on all timelines is A HOLONOMIC ILLUSION and because of that, we are watched over while we are in time. Time travel is real but it’s for the purpose of learning lessons for your eternal soul. Timelessness is the truth but being in a dualistic time is real for soul lessons only, for you to learn to be sovereign and self-generating. It’s not the ultimate reality. You can feel it in your body if you meditate; especially in the CNS, the brain, and the spinal cord.

  • The first major front moving from square 64 to square 1 corresponds to the emergence of man as a psychocultural organism, possessor of the knowledge of FIRE.
  • The second, from squares 8 to 9 corresponds to the stabilization of aboriginal society in social units devoted to the protection and maintenance of a particular geographical site.
  • The third major psychoatmospheric weather front, from 16 to 17, corresponds to the corpus callosum of history, initiation, and the passage from the AC template to the CA that inaugurates the civilizing hominization of the planet.
  • The fourth is from 24 to 25, and
  • The fifth, from 32 to 33, pertains to the SHIFT to the imperialist expansion of the ancient world and the spiritual renewal of the medieval world respectively.
  • The sixth psychoatmospheric front, from 40 to 41, marked the rapid passage from the medieval world to the global-industrial world.
  • As we have already indicated, we are NOW experiencing the onset of the seventh psychoatmospheric weather front, the return-crossing from the CA (Civilizational advance from the past into the present) back to the AC (Aboriginal continuity, from the future back to the present) template, that which transits from 48 to 49. This will prove to be the STORMIEST FRONT OF ALL as it means for those now in power and hooked into the outmoded materialist belief system virtually the end of everything. The nuclear impasse of the present time is the most obvious sign of the perilousness of the present weather front. As with all weather fronts it is important to know the nature of the pattern, and the kind of meteorological conditions that will follow.
  • The eighth front, from 56 to 57, will mark the achievement of a MAJOR STABILIZATION of planetary conditions, the planetization of consciousness, the conclusion of that phase will be the actual manifestation of the biopsychic force field.

Time is Art. Time is DNA, Time is us, Time is the earth. Time is NOT money. Love your body. Love yourself, love your life and use it to create whatever you feel like creating. Then share it.

A molecule. It’s 5th density in truth.

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