Focusing In On HF13 Which starts on Wednesday, July 6th

At the top of my page on HF13, for some reason I’ve written, “The Return of Quetzalcoatl”. I must have been looking at a map or parsing a pattern and wrote it some time ago. It also says I Ching Hx 48; The Well. Our DNA nucleotide overarching is GCC or Alanine which is Blue Night. Our Hertz level for meditation is 378.

  • We begin on kin 49, Red 10 Planetary Moon in 1D. Red Moon is mediated by MERCURY.
  • We then move to kin50, White 11 Spectral Dog in 2D, also mediated by MERCURY and this is July 7th.
  • Kin 51 is Blue 12 Monkey mediated by VENUS
  • Kin 52 is Yellow 13 Human mediated by EARTH
  • Kin 53 is Red 1 Skywalker mediated by MARS
  • Kin 54 is White 2 Wizard mediated by Maldek, the non-existent planet with its karma.
  • Kin55 is Blue 3 Eagle mediated by JUPITER
  • Kin 56 is Yellow 4 Warrior mediated by SATURN

Now, HF14 is ALSO an Omega End Point which is epic. It is also the White Northern Castle (52 days) of Crossing, the Court of death, which refines the warrior. We will be in Red Skywalker Wavespell Five, the anniversary of 11:1:11 I have so much synchronicity from my personal life in this harmonic I wouldn’t know where to begin. The I ChingHx is PEACE.

This energy lines up exactly with the scientists observing the 5 planets that have cracked the magnetosphere Psi Bank. That’s because it’s time for this to happen. But remember, we are being watched over by The WATCHERS, the Lyrans, and many others. The powers that be for this prison planet are on the downswing. We are on the UPSWING. I would not be focusing on a cataclysm right now if I were you but making sure you have your mind and body in a positive transitional state even if it’s difficult.

Moving into October 2022, this section winds up in the Mystic Column, the Axis of the eternal present where this is on binary duality and no electrical charge, positive or negative. You know it as HF31, 32, 33, 34, ns 35. It’s the 7th Harmonic Run of the Tzolkin and kin 121-140. This whole thing ends in HF35 which is mediated by Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and the Sun. All of those are in collapsing atmosphere state or transition.

I will continue this later. I have Saturday chores to do. Please note the correlation with my previous posts, especially the one about the 5 planets lining up.

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