Scientists surprised as geomagnetic storm opens ‘crack’ in Earth’s magnetosphere

Right before the Timeline shift from PAST to FUTURE. DNA Magnetosphere forcing is changing time. Gee, that would be because TIME is DNA.

The Van Allen Belts are Scientifically named after James Van Allen. In Tzolkonics we call it the Psi Bank or the MInd of Earth; the Noosphere

Gee, looks like the scientists are focused on the magnetosphere and not the Sun. How silly right? Sarcasm.

Think about it. A Crack in the Earth’s Psi Bank, which IS the Tzolkin!!

Remember the dates I gave you for possible apocalyptic changes in the next week or so? You might want to review that post. There may be a huge paradigm shift. I can only hope. This all comes from Earth Ascending by Visionary Jose Arguelles.

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