Cursory Look at HF 13 which hits on July 7, This Thursday

Folks, HF13 starts with Red Moon mediated by Mercury and then moves to White 11 Dog on July 7 on the dharmic side of the holon, also Mercury. The short of it is, down the line, all 5 planets that instigated the Crack in the Psi Bank THAT THE SCIENCE SITE NAMED, go down the line mediating those tribes I named in the last post. It’s startling. This is quite a synchronicity.

Then I saw the Science post about satellites crashing to earth.

I will parse this out in the morning after I sleep. Maybe I’ll have a dream. Tomorrow is Tone 6, HF12 I think, Red 6 Serpent. I’m not looking at the Tzolkin right now, I just have it in my head.

That’s right because then we have White 7worldBridger, 8Hand, and 9Star.

HF 13 on Thursday is 10Moon. 😳. Mercury. Yeah, the c+×#$% might have a message coming from the universe, like, time is up dudes. Here, eat this satellite.

We’ll see. I have to leave the possibility open that I’m wrong or it’s a personal shakeup and not a collective one as is the case too much in my opinion.

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