Tuesday Daily Reading; Tone 2 is Duality. The New Moon today is in Cancer

We enter a new HF11 on this New Moon; Overtone Input, Inform the Flowering of Radiance. IChing Hx57 is The Sun, The Gentle Penetrating Wind. All of this speaks to domestic Cancer, and Red Dragon Primordial Mother and nurturing. It is the foundation of our existence.

Body Evolution

2cysteine, 2tyrosine, 2glutamine, 2asparagine, 12stopcodon. 5gforce is 12Tryptophan

This is a pronouncement of duality to stimulate the growth of the human species. Unity is the reality for souls as the foundation of the universe since the primordial atom is the Source of ALL life. To split off and differentiate, to see a different perspective, is helpful for young species.

Earth Evolution-ScR


87 is the peak frequency, about 11x normal

With the announcement below I’m expecting ScR to go even higher.

Solar flare expected to hit Earth TOMORROW sparking power grid disrupting geomagnetic storm


The 5 GForce is indicative of the Solar Storm about to hit earth; Blue 12 Crystal Storm. You can see the polarizing perspective in the analog White 2 Polar Mirror. The Guide Power is Red 2 Polar Skywalker and that is a difference in direction and opinion. The challenge is Blue 2 Polar Monkey in feeling and style, how one expresses themselves. The Hidden Wisdom communal enlightenment through taking in the light.

Our Fifth Density Human Helper in Meditation for Red Dragon Kin

The Lady of the Light is also known as Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of Medjugorje, Our Lady of Guadalupe, White Buffalo Calf Lady, Hathor or Isis, Demeter or Diana. Mother Spirit energy is the perfect helper for Red Dragon kin. Of course, the lizards are direct descendants of the Red Dragon. This E.T. is a good one.-Credit craigcampobasso.com

Local System Evolution

We are mediated by Neptune today. Big synchronicity with the info. below. I believe Neptune’s atmosphere has collapsed also and remember, earth’s ELM field is weakening. These are all signs of a major shift coming that is NATURAL and evolutionary for the entire local system.

  • Neptune stations and turns retrograde today, and it will remain retrograde until December 3rd. This station can seem to cast a veil over our affairs, and it can be challenging to see things clearly this week. Still, the retrograde cycle itself is a period of increased receptiveness, even if we’re putting some of our dreams on hold. It can be a time of indecision or feeling in limbo, but it can also be a period of personal discovery. We may feel let down by a matter now with the shift happening. However, this can lead us along a new and improved path.
  • Jupiter energy is also strong today with its square to the Sun and sextile to Venus. (Blue Eagle~Yellow Seed kin) Our quest for pleasure, affection, love, or comfort may be at odds with our other goals, and mild tension or feelings of guilt can result. We can be eager to expand, and our ideas are big, but we may not yet find the proper channels for our urges. We can feel discontent, leading us to seek more meaning, growth, or change. We should watch for trying to reach too far, overestimating our energy levels, or the time we might invest in a commitment. We would do well to remind ourselves that going bigger isn’t always in our best interests. This way, we can enjoy optimism and feelings of goodwill without too-high expectations.
  • The Moon heads into the sign of Cancer at 7:55 AM, and at 10:52 PM EDT tonight, the New Moon occurs. This lunation brings a fresh start. It’s a time for feeding our foundation — all that we call “home,” including the foundation we’ve built inside ourselves. It’s also a time for recognizing the importance of our family and our personal circle of friends and the security, sense of belonging, and safety we derive from them.
  • The void Moon continues today until the Moon enters Cancer at 7:55 AM EDT.

From cafeastrology.com

This is only applicable to our purposes here at 2:09. You can start there. The 13:20 coordinate based on 13, the number of the female, and not 12 will begin to lock in the NEW TIME. We have to balance female and male power on this planet. Sorry guys. We are in 26,000, 13,000, 1300, and 130 year cycles.

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