13 x 28 =364. The Advanced Evolutionary Universal Cycles are Based on 13, not 12. It Balances the Genders, as Taboo as That is On Earth.

364 days will eventually be the length of a complete solar year, not 365. I posted yesterday that the length of a day is shortening so over time this will be the case.

As you can see, 364 is exactly divisible by 13 and 28 which is the number of a complete lunar cycle in a solar year; 13, 28 day full moon cycles. They are each 28 days long which is the days in a healthy, aligned woman’s fertility cycle.

It’s all about alignment with NATURE and gender balance of power. It’s only on earth that these are problems folks. In the rest of the universe, females and males share power equally and are equally loved and respected by each other. Men suffer from this imbalance too so I am not deaf to that at all. Androgeny is also seen in the universe.

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