Saturday Daily Reading; We’ve Got Some Reflection to Do With Big Societal Changes in Front of Us.

Our Evolving Bodies

12tyrosine, 12cysteine, 12aspartic.acid, 12leucine and 2asparagine.

White Mirror reflects endlessness in a Tone 12 community. Its Support, Red 12 Crystal Dragon dedicates itself to THE PRIMORDIAL MOTHER and Blood memory or our HUMAN ROOTS in the natural womb. That will not be lost. This is supportive of BIRTH and completely synchronistic with what is going on. What about universal Love, Loyalty, and Heart as our guide power, White 12 Crystal Dog? Seriously. The challenge is dignity and elegance, beauty and expansion with Yellow 12 Crystal Star. The Hidden Wisdom is Blue 2 Polar Night. There is no more polarizing issue than the right of a child to come onto this planet and experience our DNA life here vs. that of the mother who does not want to host that child, not knowing what it entails or the blessings it bequeaths. I was in no position to bear my son at the time but loved him already and wanted him. Being a mother is the best thing in my life. It tops everything. There is no way to show that to young women. Our culture has convinced them that money, power, status, and work rule. All Blue Night attributes embody this issue; mysterious, logical, powerful, conservative, thoughtful, organized, introspective, deep, strength to endure, and possibility.

Earth Status ScR

The peak frequency is 48, about 5x normal

5th Density A.A. and E.T Human Helper-(You have to call on them first in meditation)

The 5gforce is 2Glycine or White 2 Polar Wind. It’s interesting that these two just came to me and they look similar. Synchronicity. All of our human E.T. helpers look different as you will see going forward. Do not judge their appearance.

The best E.T. Human Helpers on the planet for White Mirror kin, in 5th density, could very well be;

Apunians hail from Alpha Centauri, one of the brightest stars in the southern sky in the Centaurus constellation. They know and help the people in the Peruvian Andes, The Quechua people.

Lyrans from the Lyra Constellation. ALL humans are their descendants. They were Lyran Titans the original Aryan race that was degraded by the Germans who took over Mars and turned it into a slave planet under the duress of the Reptilians. Vegans, another E.T. species hail from Lyra also.

(I’m studying it. Please check back. I’ve been given the task of assigning these Human helpers to you folks, like a go-between since I know both worlds. I read, research, meditate, and dream before I know.)

Credit to Craig Campobasso for this section.

The Apunians follow the Cosmic Law of One and say that there are 1,019,000 civilizations in the universe. They are great at transforming negative energy. They are protectors of younger races, like ours and respectful of all life, and care for all sentient life equally. They feel a deep connection to assist us in raising our vibration into higher consciousness, as they have merged their own consciousness with the higher self, to ultimately gain full access to universally awake and aware consciousness. They’ve been here for a long time. They will appear to and help heart-based contactees. They assist poor regions by healing their sick and making it rain for their crops, among other humanitarian deeds but they don’t overstep. Look up contactee Ricardo Gonzalez. There is more if you get the book.

The Lyrans are from the Lyra Constellation. All of us are their descendants and share their DNA-RNA code. They can create anything from the invisible world into physicality that obeys the laws of the dimension they live in. Through daily RITUALS (White Mirror), in large or small groups (Tone 12), Lyrans gather in meditation (White Mirror) to share and counsel each other. They are powerful beings with strong hearts. The Draco are currently attacking their planets. They are 12-dimensional Light Beings. They know how to ANCHOR the light; sunlight and starlight.

Our Local System Evolving With us and Affecting the Psi Bank

Our mediating planet is Neptune (mediates White Mirror) whose atmosphere is collapsing. White Mirror pulses to the left eye.

  • The Moon spends much of the day (until 7:14 PM EDT) in the sign of steady Taurus, after which it moves into adaptable Gemini.
  • While a Mercury-Pluto minor square very early today (Mercury mediates White Dog, the Guide Power) can point to worries and skepticism, we’re opening up to new perspectives.
  • This morning, Neptune (Theme White Mirror) forms a sextile to Pallas, and Uranus and Ceres form a sextile, and we’re drawing upon our inner wisdom or our sixth sense and intuition to understand what’s happening around us. Previously hidden or unacknowledged talents may emerge. (For me it’s acupuncture e-stim, adding it to my practice) We get a stronger sense of freedom and encouragement. It’s also a potentially good time to discover new and improved ways to connect, relate, nurture, and heal. Group settings might encourage these things. Allowing our loved ones more freedom to be themselves can be in focus.
  • The void Moon occurs from 3:03 PM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a trine to Pluto), until the Moon enters Gemini at 7:14 PM EDT.


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