An Expression of Power or a Protection of Motherhood? Overturning Roe v. Wade

I don’t know that it matters. The way the younger generation is going with the gender confusion and variable pronouns, I can’t imagine young females even wanting to have sex with a man or even marrying.

Heterosexuality is too natural and normal! Mating between females and males is far too natural for this new generation. They want something far odder. Only stodgy losers are heteronormative. But the Sun still rises and there are still trees, flowers, and food. That’s all boring too. Why should anybody go outside? Fake food and processed food delivered to your door are hipper.

The question of the continuance of the human species DNA will likely be left to the E.T. because humans aren’t going to continue the line or won’t be able to.

Maybe this was a last-ditch, futile effort by conservatives to perpetuate our sovereign species, to give us one last breath of a chance to become the sovereign beings we are supposed to be. But I really don’t think the millennials see it that way. I know my 23-year-old doesn’t. They’re far more interested in gaming than sex. Hence, much less need for abortion.

Now if the Feds tried to take away their right to video games the world would burn. But their bodies? They’ve already given up the right to their bodies because it’s been taken from them by our culture, the culling elite, the c$%^&. With the combination of sedentary gaming addiction, depression, gender confusion, ADHD, atheism, ignoring nature and healthy food, locking them down from social, toxic mRNA vaccine, no interest in college, and fear of being gunned down in school, who has energy for happiness or sex?

Eat the young.

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