Saturday-UPDATED-5th Density or 5GForce Human Helpers for the 20 Tribes of Time

By my rough calculation, there are about two different 5GForce helpers PER TRIBE that would contact you in mediation to help with your body changes and ascension provided your pineal gland is open. I’ve said before that must happen so that your vision becomes spiritual and not locked or imprisoned into 3D clenching. We’re done being clenched to the illusion of just the material world. The material world is a real manifestation of spirit but it is a limited one that keeps you attached to your identity as a body, as a human, you name it. Everything our identities consist of can become a prison unless we see and feel our Higher Selves in Timelessness.

There are a handful of large overseers or diverse groups. They are humans at very high levels of consciousness BUT, they are not perfect. Corey Goode has made it very clear that the Universe does not function perfectly. That should be obvious by the radical mistake made on Maldek and the infestation of the C$%^^ trying to cull humans and the rest of DNA from the planet. The overseers who may not necessarily work with individuals in meditation are:

  • Agarthans
  • Altarians
  • Andromedans
  • Twenty-Four Elders of Andromeda
  • Angelic Corp (Your individual angels may attend to you)
  • Arcturians-one of the most advanced civilizations in the galaxy
  • The Guardians-? May not always be good IMO-Ancient Builder Race-On Earth 30 million years ago
  • The Melchizedeks-Work with the Archangels and J.C.
  • Super angels Gavalia and Galantia from the Isle of Paradise, Where SOURCE is.
  • The Watchers from Central Control in the INNER EARTH-The Elders. They are completely and in detail keeping an eye on the safety of Lightworkers and Starseeds, thwarting evil in high places, and helping with souls coming and going. They are in charge of protocols for Earth being groomed for induction into the Galacterian Alignment of Space Peoples and Planets. I feel they are the ones that inboxed my consciousness and commissioned me to this task. I’m fit for this one.

Part Two lists Zeta Humans, Greys, and more but they are generally not highly evolved, if at all. A couple are but they’ve come under the heavy influence of the Draco over billions of years. The Draco (Red Dragon) was the first tribe to seed our planet billions of years ago according to his narrative and that totally agrees with the Tzolkin. So they are bent on believing they own us and our local system and will stop at nothing to control it. Not all of them are like that. Some have come around and I’m reading all of that right now.

Red Dragon kin ARE A PART OF OUR DNA and our consciousness. It is our Reptilian brain or limbic brain. Under no circumstances should we reject kin just because they are Red Dragon. However, the leader of that tribe are as evil as it gets and many have gone through soul extinction. If you are Red Dragon, I will illuminate who I believe your 5GForce helper may be so that you can be protected in meditation.

Part Three is Animal and Insect Races. A few of them are highly conscious. Most aren’t.

Part Four is Notable HybridRaces.

Part Five is the Reptilians. A few of them are good and helping us and I will post on it. But many are Service to Self (Lower Self or Identity).

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