Thursday Daily Reading; ScR Update. Meditate with the Human Soulzars

Put in your earbuds for 20 minutes and breathe light and love into every cell of your body. Your guides can help or the E.T. called the Soulzar are very cool. They are the healer of healers and probably taught the Maya. If you view this on your laptop screen it’s plenty big to read. I can’t see it well on my phone. You need to read this. I know these folks and they know me from past lives. Tell them I sent you if you call on them. They are one with my heart. They can teach and impart to you the literal vibration of love. Love is literal and has a very high frequency.

They are human E.T.They like to think of themselves as mothers and fathers to other races who can come to them for parenting, basically.”
Credit Craig Campobasso

BP can rise, headache and temper can come on, pulse and sudden heart attack can occur when this happens. You must chill. That’s why I post this.

5:15 pm. Peak frequency is 58, 7x normal

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