Tuesday Daily Reading; The Sun is in Cancer

Evolving Body Status

8Lysine, 8Serine, 8Tyrosine, 8Valine, 6Isoleucine. The 5GForce is 6Threonine.
  • White 8 Wizard is Timelessness with integrity and receptiveness.
  • Red 8 Serpent is intimate passion with harmony and integrity.
  • Guide Power, White 8 Mirror is also endlessness but face the shadow with discrimination.
  • Antipode Yellow 8 Seed sees and has potential with an active dynamic that has integrity.
  • Hidden Wisdom Blue 6 Rhythmic Hand brings equality and balance to healing.
  • The 5GForce, White 6 Rhythmic World Bridger brings equality and balance to CHANGE and death from the upper density.

Earth Status-ScR-Caused by the Collective Mind of all DNA on Earth

The peak frequency is 22

Solar Status Caused by Sentient (Conscious Mind) DNA in Our Local System as a Collective

Interplanetary Holon-Our Local System

We are mediated by the karma of Maldek, the asteroid belt. The planet no longer exists.

  • Venus forms a trine to Pluto early today, and we can feel quite pleasantly passionate and focused on a person, situation, connection, or project.
  • Also today, the Sun moves into Cancer, marking the solstice. Until July 22nd, we are self-protective and insular. Our attention turns to our nests–our families, homes, base of operations, and anything that makes us feel safe and secure. Nurturing and caring for loved ones and pet projects become a sharper focus. We’re more invested in our personal lives in the month ahead.
  • The Moon spends the day in Aries, aligning with Jupiter, and our moods lift. It’s a time to attend to–and embrace–our needs for self-direction, self-expression, and initiative.

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