The Galacterian Alignment of Space People

This is the definition from the book, “The Extraterrestrial Species Almanac” by Craig Campobasso. His father was in the Air Force and worked for Project Blue Book, the US Air Force study on unidentified flying objects that started in 1952 and investigates more than 11,000 sightings until it was decommissioned in January of 1970. He didn’t know his father but pursued concrete information on E.T. himself. There are other pieces but he essentially lived a parallel life to his father whom he did not know.

The Galacterian Alignment of Space People and Planets is a universal alliance of fully conscious beings that have united their planets to benefit all universal-kin. They work with the University of Melchizedek, an outer space city that has 490 learning spheres in the Mira System. Commanders and sub-commanders are trained at Melchizekek. The highest ranking commanders are Solar1, 2, and 3 Commanders. Secondary are the sub-commanders 1 through 8. A sub-commander of the 1st rank is one step away from becoming a Solar 3 commander. Solar 1’s are the highest ranking.”


The Star Seed Alignment is a subdivision of the Galacterian Alignment. It’s one of the many established consciousness-raising programs. Universal citizens temporarily leave their lives in the stars to reincarnate on worlds in the pangs of duality, such as Earth. A portion of the fully conscious being’s soul will incarnate while their body and remaining soul hibernates. Alignment protocol facilitates the process; as the soul evolves, raising its consciousness. a little more of the original soul joins itself on Earth, because the body and mind calibrate to its raising frequencies. This helps elevate spiritual consciousness not only for themselves but for others around them. Generations down the line, star seeds begin raising star seed children. Because of the generational genetics, more fo the original soul is able to enter an Earth form and advance at an accelared rate. Some child and teen star seeds today are already drawing star maps and speaking force or more star languages. The ultimate goal for groups of star seeds is to merge their duality and become fully conscious, and then the rest of the planet follows.”-Page 263

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