The Cosmic Law of One

We are mammals and we like to be nurturing, cozy, have sex, and reproduce generally speaking. I think that instinct is starting to wane with young people. So, if you pick up this book, it’s a little different. Most E.T. look just like humans but they are not so mammalian. And the ones who do not look human are in fact something altogether different. Keep an open mind and don’t expect the millions of species in the universe to be like us. Most are benevolent though.

This is from page 269 of The Extraterrestrial Species Almanac by Craig Campobasso

Interesting cover right? It’s a very good book so far. Where does s/he get their nails done?

Cosmic Law of One: These laws are designed to align lives to the universal frequency of harmony. (IMO that is 13:20)

  1. Law of Unity; Everything is interconnected. When you are at one with yourself, you are at one with everyone. There is no separation.
  2. Law of Vibration: Tuning the spiritual body to vibrate at a high frequency enriches life.
  3. Law of Manifestation: Using your frequency to manifest your hopes, dreams, and desires.
  4. Law of Cause and Effect: The energy/frequency you put out is the energy/frequency you get back.
  5. Law of Mental Clarity: Connecting to Source daily for mental clarity.
  6. Law of Spiritual Development: Connecting to Source daily to design your spiritual path towards Divinity.
  7. Law of Physical Health: Eat right, exercise, and laugh.
  8. Law of Social Interaction: Maintaining close relationships with family, and friends, and making new friends does the heart good.
  9. Law of Compensation: Working towards personal goals and achieving the end result no matter how challenging the path might be.

What do you think of these?

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