The Changes in our Local System Outer Planets Control 10 of the Mayan Tribes

The top 10 planets on the image are the outer planets which are a matter of astronomical fact. And, their atmospheres are collapsing or something else. That is also a matter of scientific fact and not a happy one.

The right and left karmic/dharmic sides of the body channel the five outer planets starting with;

  • Pluto mediated byYellow Sun and Blue Storm tribes-The Stop Codon and Tryptophan in 3D. Pluto’s atmosphere has already collapsed
  • Neptune mediated by Red Dragon and White Mirror tribes-Cysteine and Tyrosine in 3D.-
  • Uranus mediated by White Wind and Red Earth tribes-Glycine and Phenylalanine in 3D. Uranus atmosphere is being sucked into space.
  • Saturn mediated by Blue Night and Yellow Warrior tribes-Alanine and Histidine in 3D. Saturns rings are disappearing
  • Jupiter mediated by Yellow Seed and Blue Eagle tribes-Valine and Arginine in 3D. Jupiter’s huge storm is reversing or stopping.

All five of those planets have atmospheres that either have collapsed already or are collapsing or the storms are entirely reversing. It’s going to pulse through our bodies synergy because we’re connected to the ten local planets. In addition the left skyfoot also coincides with those five planets but they run up the left side of the body.

These are located on the head, face, neck, shoulders and arms, all upper body issues can start pulsing due to the evolutionary changes in the outer planets.

The right fire hand and the left blood foot are connected by the URANUS Time Tunnel in the cosmic web. Uranus is going through big changes.

The rotation axis of Uranus has a very large tilt that causes extreme seasonal changes. This results in increased activity in its atmosphere during the planet’s spring and fall seasons.Nov 4, 2021

NASA scientists looking back through decades-old data from the Voyager 2 spacecraft have discovered a mysterious gas escaping from Uranus. The data showed some mysterious force sucking the atmosphere straight out of the planet and into space.-Sep 22, 2021

Last but not least, our home planet of earth is warming, the poles are about to shift north to south and the mantle is heaving from the core which is how the tectonic plate shift will occur. All of the MIND of all DNA on the planet is causing these changes to earth and to our sun. WE are changing the earth and the Sun, they are not changing us. Anyone who thinks DNA is not sentient and has no real power to change anything is in for a shock. DNA is Time itself. It is vitally important to meditate and set your intentions, mind and heart daily and take full control of every cell of your body. Unless you love cataclysm and fear mongering and look forward to suffering and decimation. I don’t. And it’s not necessary. Cataclysm focus is end times madness and it’s violent and mean. If that is your focus then that is what will come to your neck of the woods. We are co-creators with All That is.

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