Monday- Our Purpose in Evolution is to Bring Balance to Female and Male

Our Daily Evolution

13Threonine, 13Glutamine, 13Aspartic Acid, 13Histine, and 1Arginine. The 5GForce is 1Lysine

This kin is my analog and my birth kin is the support. It could be comforting for me and for all of us to see that White 13 Cosmic Dog from HF33 is the Guide Power here as we face cosmic change and death. It is the manifestation of the Trinity from implicate order. The challenge is cosmic intelligence and the Hidden Wisdom is Magnetic, prophetic vision.

Earth Status-ScR

The peak frequency is 17, 2x normal. The collective mental stress level is reasonable.

The Local System Planets

We are mediated by Mars today. There is much synchronicity from the astrology with the Mayan oracle.

  • Mercury enters Gemini today and will stay until July 5th. (Mercury mediates our Guide Power White 13 Dog). This planet of communication first moved into Gemini on April 29th but later turned retrograde and then retreated into Taurus. It’s a time when we’re more interested in trivia, information tidbits, and detached observations. There can be frequent changes of mind and subject while Mercury is in Gemini in the weeks ahead. We’re flexible and quick to grasp topics.
  • The Moon spends the day in truth-seeking Sagittarius, harmonizing with Jupiter (mediates our Hidden Wisdom) early day and Mars (Mediates our THEME) and Chiron this evening. We find relatively easy channels for expressing our feelings and spirit for adventure or discovery.


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