Pfizer Will Not Manufacture the Vaccine That the FDA Approved. We’ll get mRNA Instead?

What determines the mRNA codon in a sequence I ask? Answer; the DNA nucleotide of the Inverse Harmonic. If you don’t know which harmonic your birth gateway resides in which leads to your inverse harmonic, message me at

You might want to pay attention to what I post here. Your inverse harmonic holds ALL of the soul lessons that you came to the planet to learn. All the people, synchronicity, and events that come into your life can be predicted and found in the inverse harmonic. Learn your lessons and let them go and you will be safe. I will post again on it and explain more.

It’s straightforward; they are trying to mess with human destiny to have things their way, to continue using us for their ends. Our destiny, set by us and the universe is programmed into our DNA. There is no mystery to it. So they try to manipulate it by messing with our RNA. It is mutating in an evolutionary cycle that is very mutable. They have no right to do it but if we let them, then they can by universal law. DNA is Time, so they do all they can to control your mental focus and your time mainly through social media, screen media, and all around us in society. OUR WAY is to make our time each day OUR OWN FIELD OF PLAY! Rock it.

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