Thursday Daily Reading; Intend to Do the Right Thing and Then Follow Through

Body Frequency

9Glycine, 9Phenylalanine, 9Tyrosine, 9Glutamic Acid, and 5Tryptophan. 5GForce is White 5 Mirror. The White Tribes REFINE the DNA.

Uranus mediates the day. Communication is supported by paying attention to synchronicity. It’s guided by the ability to REFLECT and meditate. The challenge is fickle, emotional, irrational humans that want their way or the highway and don’t want to cooperate. Same story, different day. Because of free will, they are free to go back on their word, indulge their emotion, do instant gratification, and betray their truth and each other. The hidden wisdom is RADIANT SELF-GENERATION. Don’t let anyone else threaten or control you with their emotional demands. Maintain your Sovereignty over your own life no matter what.

Earth Frequency

The peak frequency is 30

Interplanetary Frequency

We are mediated by Uranus.

  • The Moon in Libra is gracious. We seek harmony, but our attempts to achieve it can seem to create conflict this morning. We’re especially sensitive to areas of our lives (and especially our relationships) that have come out of balance.
  • With a Moon-Mars opposition, there can be some impatience and combativeness. We can be quick to react. This transit stirs our need for action, activity, and challenges, which can feel at odds with our emotional orientation.
  • The Moon’s trine to the Gemini Sun later today is more cooperative. We’re idealistic, feeling readily connected to one another


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