Tuesday-Daily Reading; the 5GForce is ITSELF.

It is totally unique in the Tzolkin; KIN 20. We land on Resonant tone 7 today. It’s a pivotal gateway; Yellow 7 Resonant Sun and reverberates and resonates back onto itself making it pulse even higher than Kin 130; White 13 Cosmic Dog in HF33. TRUTH will come forward in a big way today. We will all see the truth about ourselves, each other, and the situation. That’s a rare thing on this planet of superficiality. This is also Corey Goode’s gateway.

Earth Holon-ScR

The peak frequency is 44

Body Holon-Our tRNA evolving seen as Tzolkin archetypes

This is a Stop Codon in the sequence. Some people are correct and many aren’t. On this gateway, you’re wise to listen to the truth that is stranger than fiction.
The theme is 7Stop Codon, the analog is 7Tryptophan, a sub-stop-codon, the Guide Power is 7Glutamic Acid, and the Antipode is Aspartic Acid, the Hidden Wisdom is 7Cysteine and the 5Gforce is ITSELF! Pluto, Earth, Mercury, and Neptune

This is a powerful gateway, maybe the most powerful in the Tzolkin. It ends the first 20-day cycle of the 260-day galactic spin. Probably, most of the kin in this first 20-day cycle of the Tzolkin have served on the planet time after time from the beginning of Earth to help humans ascend; 1Dragon (Martin Luther King Jr.), 2Wind (Terence McKenna), 3Night, 4Seed (Lee Smolin), 5Serpent, 6World-Bridger (Gertrude Stein), 7Hand, 8Star, 9Moon, 10Dog (Barbara DeAngelis), 11Monkey (Jose A.), 12Human (FDR), 13Skywalker (Me, Linus Pauling), 1Wizard (Dali Lama), 2Eagle, 3Warrior, 4Earth, 5Mirror (Rosalind Franklin), 6Storm, and 7Sun (Corey G.)

This is the end of an evolving tRNA sequence and illumination of where we are. Guiding us is FREE WILL. Only to the extent that humans exercise and DO free will, will earth cease to be a prison planet with human slaves. The challenge is to love; White Dog. The Hidden Wisdom is we were born from the primordial mother to breathe fire, to do just that, to be in our self-generating power. Every cell of our body is a quantum, self-generating power with the focus of the mind. Being resonant, it circles and spirals up and we are healing ourselves.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Pluto today, as yesterday, while we jump onto the karmic side from the dharmic side.

  • The Moon in Virgo is particular, helpful, and intelligent. We want to tidy up our lives, starting with the details. (In synchronicity with the antipode ruled by Mercury)
  • Today’s Mars-Saturn semi-square suggests it’s best to slow down in the face of obstacles, as trying to move too fast can serve to create more resistance. Since circumstances seem to block our efforts to assert ourselves, patience is necessary now.
  • Helping with this is a Mars-Pluto quintile. With this transit, we’re willing to challenge ourselves, and we tend to gravitate toward plans and strategies to get what we desire. It’s a good time to identify problems and make plans to fix them. (In synchronicity with the theme and analog mediated by Pluto.

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