Sunday-Big Change is Guiding Us While We Reflect on What Kind of Body We Want

Earth Holon

The Psi Bank has calmed down while we refine our minds through reflection.

The peak frequency is 16, only 2x normal

Body Holon

We have Pluto, Mars. Venus and Saturn moving our evolution of Tyrosine, Cysteine, Threonine, Leucine, and Alanine in our bodies and all DNA. See how that works!

The frequencies and energies as well as ELM all hit our bodies and all DNA on the planet and cause evolution. WHY? Because as a collective, a web of of life, we want to grow and improve our souls or we would not have come to this vital planet.

So we are in a great reset of ourselves, our planet, our local system and possibly even the local Universe. There is new information out now that many people of faith, different religions, believe in the extraterrestrials and they believe that we are all part of that. So hopefully there will be more disclosure of what our genetic heritage truly is.

The Mayans left this information for us on purpose so that we would know that we are part of the universe with vast potential in our DNA, Quantum DNA to be more than the cabal would ever let us know we could be. They prefer we be their slaves for their profit. There have been nefarious sources trying to block our progress. it’s not going to work.

What we see today in this oracle is meditation in reflection with white mirror which is a refining teibe with our great Red Dragon birth mother. We are refining the very DNA that is the root of our bodies that comes from the fire Dragon. Much of this comes.feom the East, in China. Red Dragon gives birth to Red Serpent all the red tribes hail from Red Dragon.

The guide power is 5 Radiant change. Great change is obviously afoot and the challenge is to remain elegant, sitting in beauty. Evolution is messy and not always very elegant but we can try try to keep it together keep ourselves looking good.

Saturn mediates synchronistically with the hidden wisdom which is going to pulse to a 9 solar tone with the Blue Night tribe which is abundance. So the hidden wisdom is that, in truth, we have everything we need but with Saturn retrograde and the other alignment it’s going to be a challenge to see it today. Thus it is hidden like so many things on earth. But if you pay attention you can feel it.

Interplanetary Holon

Pluto is the mediating planet today, in its weakened state.

  • The Moon opposes Saturn and Saturn is retrograde this afternoon, and we can be frustrated by little things that go wrong or responsibilities that pull us away from our interests. This while Mercury goes direct. Once past this, the day shapes up to be playful and expressive.
  • The Leo Moon is vibrant and competitive.
  • As well, the Sun heads toward a sextile to Chiron, exact tomorrow morning, and we might find a sense of purpose or a mission, increasing our confidence, possibly through our communications and enterprising spirit. The desire to learn and grow through experiences and people in our lives is strong and healthy now. Problem-solving is favored, and we’re likely to feel empowered.
  • The void Moon occurs from 7:14 PM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a square to Mercury), until the Moon enters Virgo tomorrow, Monday, June 6th, at  at 2:23 AM EDT.


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