Thursday-Daily Reading; Stabilizing Mind With the Moon in Cancer

Today we can try to come up with a plan for coping with old family emotional issues that we can’t change and over which we have no control. Polar tone two can be stabilizing when we have taken one path and they have taken another. Ne’er the twain shall meet because one is in shadow and one is in light. That’s the way humans are on earth. Some people are toxic and will remain so until the end.

I have not experienced that family members return love and kindness when you are loving and kind to them. All people love from within themselves. They are outwardly loving to all when THEY LOVE and take care of THEMSELVES. It’s a mistake to want or need love from someone who is self-destructive, toxic, or in shadow. They will not reciprocate and may even resent your kindness and push you away. Keep your sacred boundaries and do not throw precious pearls before swine. The universe has your back.

Psychologically we need to have a plan so our health doesn’t suffer, especially under the duress of these very high ELM frequencies because of the earth’s changes. Tone 2 frequency pulses to the right knee joint. Blue Eagle DNA frequency mediates the left arm flesh.

Earth Holon-We are still running high

The peak frequency is 67, 8x normal

Body Holon

The theme is Blue 2 Polar Eagle; stabilizing vision, the analog is Yellow 2 Polar Seed, stabilizing flowering. The guide power is Blue 2 Polar Hand; stabilizing healing. The antipode is Red 2 Polar Serpent; stabilizing passions. The Hidden Wisdom is White 12 Crystal Worldbridger; communal change or type of death, and the 5gforce is Red 12 Crystal Serpent giving the added boost to the hidden wisdom and bringing it to occult level. That means we have the frequencies available to balance our own passions

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Jupiter today.

Jupiter is a planet of a pentagonal shape. NASA picture is real.
  • The Moon spends the day in the sign of Cancer, and we seek stronger emotional connections. It can be helpful to find ways to center ourselves today. The Cancer Moon is sensitive, cautious, receptive, and protective. Home or family matters are in stronger focus than usual.
  • The Moon’s harmony with Uranus late morning helps us release and let go, boosting our capacity to embrace different ideas and methods. New techniques or options can emerge, and while the Cancer Moon is traditional and sentimental, we’re not against some minor changes or novel approaches.
  • Mercury is heading toward a station as it turns direct early tomorrow, suggesting some misunderstandings or delays as the shift is occurring.


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