Monday-Daily Reading; ScR is High. Today is the New Moon. It’s a Good Day to Plant

The peak frequency is 45, about 6x normal
Amplitude spectrum. You can see it shoot up.
2:45pm est it’s up to 50

What we can reasonably expect from this, in healthy people, are headache, fatigue, HBP, sensitivity to toxic food like sugar and processed food, alcohol, and strange release of old issues in the body that were locked up before like old injuries. With these new frequencies, we’ll need to take far better care of mind, body, and spirit than before if we want our bodies to survive the shift. Our cells are QUANTUM, so we can do this. Nothing is off the table. If you meditate daily you may not have any of those symptoms.

I’m planting a vegetable garden today in my raised bed, right in the city with soil that I made myself from my maple tree leaves. They were piled up for 5 years and turned into the soil by nature. The worms eat them and turn them into their waste and it turns to soil! The city demands we put our leaves into bags to be thrown in the landfill and I refuse because it’s the wrong action. If it’s good for people they make a law against it! Let your leaves turn to detritus and plant a garden. Don’t eat grocery store garbage. Human planned obsolescence is a profit to sickcare and the funeral and cemetery industry. Take care of and love yourself and WE win. Do not obey if it’s not good for you.

Body Holon

Humans benefit from community gardens, barter, and trade
These are archetypes for 12Glutamic Acid, 12 Isoleucine, 12Valine, 12 Glycine, and 2Methionine. They are all in our bodies. The 5gforce that takes the frequency up a level is Yellow 2 Star or 2Leucine

Interplanetary Holon

Earth is the mediating planet today. What’s good for the earth is good for humans and vice versa, even if it seems destructive. If the earth is changing in a specific region, humans can move. If humans are in a situation in certain regions, many times the earth will adapt. We can adapt to each other.

  • The Moon spends the day in the sign of Gemini, and the New Moon occurs this morning at 7:30 AM EDT in the mutable Air sign. The New Moon in Gemini clears a path for new beginnings with learning, sharing, writing, speaking, and connecting. It presents us with opportunities to commit to personal goals that express the positive energies of the sign of the Twins in the coming weeks. There can be a lot to process, and we may feel that there are so many factors involved that it’s challenging to make a decision. Our conversations or thoughts can lead us in new directions, or there can be new paths for our projects.
  • This lunation occurs shortly after Mars aligned with Jupiter in Aries, and we’re feeling ready to do something new, enterprising, and courageous.
  • Nevertheless, Gemini’s ruler, Mercury, is still retrograde for a few more days (until June 3rd), and it’s best to wait and see.


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