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When I say our cells are quantum, BEFORE I read any of the science, I’m spot on based on 23 years of empirical experience working on patients in my office, at least 23,000 of them. I have to live with barely any human understanding or support for my work and writing but I came to the planet to help humans uplift, not be popular, although it might help spread the word. Scientists are now just beginning to talk about this but I’ve experienced it for 23 years, not to mention 32 years of tracking synchronicity in the Tzolkin.

I appreciate my followers support and wish it would grow to be in the thousands. Maybe we’re just getting started.- Time is DNA

When the human genome was sequenced, some scientists were saying, “That’s the end. We’re going to understand every disease. We’re going to understand every behavior.” And it turns out, we didn’t, because the sequence of the DNA isn’t enough to explain behavior. It isn’t enough to explain diseases.”

Denise Chow, LiveScience: Why Your DNA May Not Be Your Destiny

(Your Tzolkin destiny oracle is evolving tRNA, not DNA only from your family so in that perspective she is correct)

In a commentary on the surprising results of the Human Genome Project, David Baltimore, one of the world’s preeminent geneticists and a Nobel Prize winner, addressed the issue of human complexity: “But unless the human genome contains a lot of genes that are opaque to our computers, it is clear that we do not gain our undoubted complexity over worms and plants by using more genes.”

David Baltimore

Not finding the preprogramming for all of life encoded in our genes has forced geneticists into a fundamental reassessment of how our genes function. This reassessment has been strongly influenced by relatively recent discoveries that have led to the establishment of a new discipline in genetics known as epigenetics—literally, “above the gene.” These discoveries indicate that our genes are not fixed—that what were previously considered permanently dormant genes can become active and active genes can become deactivated.


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