Saturday-Daily Reading; We Seem to Like ScR 42

Earth Holon

The peak frequency is 42, about 5x normal. Sound like the 5gforce is acting on the earth and all life on it. Evolution forward!

Body Holon

10Aspartic Acid, 10Methionine, 10Tyrosine, 10Stop codon, 4Asparagine. The 5gforce is White 4 Dog or 4Aspartic Acid

We have the start and stop codon again on this kin so it’s getting tRNA sequencing revved up but guided by the ability to reflect and meditate on the manifestation of planetary love. The Hidden Wisdom is Self-Existing Illusion. Maybe you’ve created a distortion in thinking or situation for yourself that you believe is real when in fact, it is not. You might question yourself on that today.

The only thing that lasts or is real is love and affinity with others. Ponder who and what you really value that brings happiness and contentment. Competing with others is ego. If you love someone don’t compete and don’t be jealous. Compete with yourself and stay in your own vortex. Self-existing tone 4! Love and loyalty to yourself first and then others.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Mercury retrograde so keep your expectations realistic.

  • The Sun is quintile Neptune this morning, and we’re gracious, giving one another the benefit of the doubt. (The guide power White Mirror is mediated by Neptune and Yellow Sun is the antipode so this is exact synchronicity) It can feel especially good to put our faith in someone or something now, and we’re inclined to see the spiritual dimensions or imaginative elements of our pursuits.
  • The Moon spends the day in Taurus, and Venus enters this Fixed Earth sign this morning. The Taurus Moon, lasting until tomorrow afternoon, is steady, simple, and contained.
  • Venus will transit Taurus until June 22nd and performs well in the sign. In Taurus, Venus is comfortable, sensual, content, and perhaps possessive. We seek security more than usual during this cycle, and we place more value on those things that last. In fact, Venus in Taurus improves and enhances our judgment of value and worth. Our appetite for pleasure is strong.
  • We’re revving up as the day advances and Mars and Jupiter approach conjunction in assertive Aries.
  • We feel positive and confident, and we’re getting ready for action.


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