Friday-Daily Reading; ScR is Back Up

There was a Peruvian earthquake in South America, west of the Yucatan Peninsula, home of the ancient Maya on the continent. This is Yellow Human Time Portal, our Hidden Wisdom today, supported in 5th density by Blue 5 Radiant Monkey. This movement is very indicative of our destiny. See the mantra below if you don’t understand. Read it slowly.

Peak frequency is 41 in the Psi Bank.

Body Holon

The Guide Power Life Force is Red 9 Solar Serpent. That is Serine empowered by the Sun. Universal Water is your feelings. Don’t repress them anymore or it will ruin your body.
The theme is 9Methionine, Analog is 9Aspartic Acid, Guide Power is 9Serine, Antipode us 9Tryptophan, Hidden Wisdom is 5Glutamic Acid and 5Gforce is 5Asparagine

Many people aren’t feeling well. I’ve had patients calling in sick. They are tired or ill meaning our bodies are being crushed like a piece of coal to become a diamond. That’s what the ScR is doing to us. The Sun responds to our evolutionary signals from all sentient life in the local system and piles on with transformative solar winds, CME, and flares. What fun we’re having. 🥳. My body is being radically transformed and it’s difficult. You must eat cleanly and meditate if you want your brain in one piece.

We have the start codon starting off the sequence, and because it is a new HF3 and is the first start codon of the new 260-day Galactic cycle, it’s an up level of the 65th magnitude. We are now in the Z.O.T, the Zone of Transformation in the middle of the Tzolkin. That zone corresponds to the transformative zone in the DNA double helix, the transformative zone on the planet and in the transformative zone of the solar system. It’s in the middle. The astronomy facts bear me out. And I’m sure E.R.’s, hospitals and counselors would agree.

We see the two acids in this oracle today. The body is an acid factory and sugar is a major acid. We eat too much cane sugar and synthetic sugar in ALL of our foods. They add it and should not. The less sugar you eat the better. Read labels. Get your levels checked. It creates the fungus candida in the body wreaking more havoc of on all tissues.

Our challenge kin is these solar storms, Blue 9 Solar Storm, created by the higher ScR again. Just breathe, rest, drink water, meditate and lay off the toxic substances and toxic people.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Mercury which is retrograde. The New Moon is on Sunday

  • The Moon ends its transit of Aries early today, at 2:23 AM EDT, when it heads into Taurus. So the Moon is in Taurus. The Taurus Moon helps moderate our pace and shield us from external pressures. Finances, belongings, comfort, and security can come into a stronger focus under this transit. This steady position of the Moon encourages us to enjoy ourselves and what we already have going for us. Life seems to slow down, our feelings stabilize, and we experience less urgency. Earthy activities and sensual pleasures appeal, and we find a sense of peace and contentment with what’s familiar and reliable.


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