Wednesday-Daily Reading; Blue 7 Resonant Hand

Earth Holon

The peak frequency is 45, a bit under 6x the normal 8

Body Holon

7Isoleucine, 7Glutamic Acid, 7Tryptophan, 7Phenylalanine, and 7Lysine. 5GForce is 7Glutamine

The theme of Blue 7 Resonant Hand is about accomplishing something in the human family which is the analog. There is community energy here and I imagine it is the public finally waking up to the manipulation of the media and tuning it out. We are guided this morning by self-generation and catalyzing energy for change. This afternoon we can observe and respond to synchronicity walking into our lives. Be sure you know how to track it in the hologram. Just dial up the person’s birthday if they a new in your life. The Hidden Wisdom is Timelessness. Mediate on your CNS.

Interplanetary Holon

We’re mediated by Earth today.

  • Retrograde Mercury forms a trine to Pluto (Blue Storm) today, and we’re tuning into details or layers we might miss on other days. This transit can help us with increased insight, psychological understanding, awareness, and focused attention. It’s a time to get to the bottom of a matter and investigate or research things further. With Mercury retrograde, we may be looking at a past issue in a new way.
  • We’re heading toward a Mars-Uranus (Red Earth) semi-square, exact early tomorrow, adding an impatient edge to the day’s energies. We may be looking to dominate or assert our independence if we feel trapped, restricted, or otherwise limited. We should watch for impulsive moves but also seek creative, inventive ways to get ahead.
  • The Aries Moon is direct and enterprising. This is more potent with Mars in Aries. ♈️


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