Saturday Daily Reading-Setting Intentions in Your Vortex. The Sun Just Moved Into Gemini ♊️

Mercury rules Gemini though and it is retrograde. These kin will be struggling to make decisions. Red Moon ~ White Dog kin are mediated by Mercury.

Earth Holon

Peak frequency is 48, 6x the normal 8

Body Holon

The crystal bowl sound meditations create geometrically precise mandalas in every cell of your body getting you aligned on every level. Get your earbuds out and rock it.😁 Keep the volume down so you brain doesn’t 🧠 get shocked. The first note is C but it’s a bit sharp.

3Alanine, 3Histidine, 3Isoleucine, 3Glutamine, 11Tyrosine. 5GForce is Red 11 Spectral Earth or synchronicity that wakes you up and dissolves anything that’s not working for you. Let it go whether it’s a mindset or habit.

Dreams or fantasies are a type of intention. If you put real desire and thought into it you are setting seeds of manifestation so choose wisely. This is evolution at both shoulders and the tone pulses to the right hip JOINT. You can see the antipode challenge is movement. People dream things and then don’t do anything to manifest it. It probably won’t just drop in your lap. You need to create it. White Mirror is reflection. Ponder it and see if you’re ready to dissolve or let go of whatever is in the way. It’s tone 11 Spectral energy. Habits don’t wash here.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Saturn and the Moon.

  • The Sun has just entered Gemini, bringing the fresh energy of a new cycle. However, the inferior conjunction of the Sun and Mercury happens today, and we’re looking back before moving forward. It gives us a unique window into the past as it might impact our future. We begin looking at problems or issues from a new perspective and with a new understanding. Significant new ideas are born at this time, and they’re likely to have real staying power or importance in our lives. What we say or write now has an impact, for better or worse! However, we may not have all the facts necessary to reach a definite conclusion, and we might later have to revise plans or decisions.
  • This alignment occurs just after the Sun entered Gemini and just before Mercury moves back into the sign of Taurus.
  • The Moon spends the day in Aquarius, and we’re inclusive and concerned with what’s best for all.


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