It’s Crunch Time Folks for Our Brains, Our Eyes, and Our Minds as we Are Ascending. The CNS is on Stage, the Axis of the Eternal Present IN OUR BODIES

Our Universe Hears our Thoughts and Feelings.

This is head-focused.

Be super circumspect, meaning;

  • Take brain supplements like Fish Oil, Evening Primrose, Bilberry, and LUTEIN!! I use Ocuvite.
  • Get your eyes checked. Our vision is going to change. It happens in the occipital lobe of the brain which is right behind the PINEAL GLAND. That has to be spinning now. Covid changes the occipital lobe and covid continues to mutate. It’s just a virus and is not going away. Everybody’s vision changes but how many people realize it’s because their brains change. Your eyes are ONE with your brain. The doc said that Covid has been shown to cause small blood clots and small strokes. My guides at the time, in 2019, told me that it opens the pineal gland to stimulate changes in the occipital lobe.
  • Nix any negative emotion. Don’t fight with anyone. That has absolutely been shown to affect the brain, caused by the mind obviously. Turn off the T.V. and keep media to a minimum. Live in peace.
  • Get some Sound Medicine alignment and Reiki alignment. I do so much of it in my office and people really benefit from it. I’m busy. We all have to uplevel our 12 chakras with Sound Medicine and meditation. It’s not really a choice if you want to stay on the planet and survive end-times madness.
  • Don’t hesitate to get counseling talk therapy if psychologically you’re in too much fear and anxiety. Prayer is great for that as well. J.C. is always with us.
  • Do your best to nix alcohol and cigarettes unless you have a plan to go out in a blaze of addiction glory. I’m not judging, at all. Anyone is free to leave in any way they want with no judgment.
  • Ascension is a literal physical event. Changes are going to happen in the body. Just stay calm and breathe. Drink a lot of water and rest.

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