Friday Daily Reading; Become Zen-Like Aligning Your CNS

Earth Holon

Peak amplitude is 52

Body Holon

We are stabilizing our communication with the support of personal synchronicity. We’re guided by our own CNS and working on becoming Zen-like in order to take in the higher frequencies and remain alive. The challenge is that humans are wired to be tense and emotional. The Hidden Wisdom is that we can collectively self-generate if we use other self-aligning modalities.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Uranus today. It rules Aquarius ♒️.

  • The Sun forms a trine to Pluto (Blue Storm) this morning, and we’re exceptionally resourceful and efficient. It’s a strong time to gravitate towards people and situations that help us succeed or advance our goals. We might enjoy an opportunity to draw upon our past and capitalize on our talents and resources. Shared goals and interests connect us with others. The focus now is on eliminating negative or superficial elements in our lives and going forward with more conviction as a result.
  • Retrograde Mercury’s sextile to Jupiter tonight is also helpful for identifying opportunities. Seeing an old problem in a more positive light can be satisfying. While we benefited from focus and specialization in the morning, a broader vision is important as the day advances.
  • The Moon spends the day in earthly, practical Capricorn.


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