Monday Daily Reading; Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio ♏️ With Neptune Mediating the Upper Densities

We are in HF65, the last harmonic of the 260-day galactic spin. We’re at a big ending point. Full Moon cycle ending and eclipsing and the galactic cycle ending. I’m going through a major health shift so I’m in self-healing mode as well.

Body Holon

An 11, releasing the past, Spectral day. 11 Tyrosine, 11Cysteine, 11 Tyrosine, 11 Leucine, 3Alanine, and 5gforce getting us there is 3Glycine.

Reflect on what you need to dissolve in your personality or habits and get to it for the sake of your body. Change your mindset, remedy your hindrances and appetites, raise your frequency, and IDENTIFY YOUR DISTORTIONS. We all have negative thoughts and feelings habits that hinder us from leveling. Antipodes ruled by Venus are indulgent passions or egos. Hidden Wisdom ruled by Saturn is self-discipline and BOUNDARIES.

This one will not feel comfy. We need to dissolve parts of ourselves or some denial.

5gforce is ruled by Uranus, electric meditation, and communication. Maybe fix the way you speak to others.

Earth Holon

We are high at 52 S.R, 6x normal so the Psi Bank is pushing the evolutionary changes in the local system…not the Sun.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Neptune in 5th density and it mediates Pisces in 3D.

  • The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse occurs today at 12:14 AM EDT in the sign of Scorpio. It’s the third eclipse in an eclipse set occurring along the Taurus-Scorpio sign axis (the first appeared in November 2021, and the last will happen in October 2023). We can experience symbolic illumination–something built inside of us and released now. Our emotions heighten, and we’re likely to awaken to our material and emotional needs and attachments. We should take some time to process our discoveries since this eclipse tends to magnify our issues. It’s best to watch what we say or put out into the world today since it’s too easy for things to become exaggerated under this influence.
  • The Moon moves into optimistic Sagittarius at 7:52 AM EDT, and we seek non-routine, spontaneous experiences.
  • The void Moon occurs from 5:29 AM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a sextile to Pluto), until the Moon enters Sagittarius at 7:52 AM EDT.


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