Evolutionary Movement in the Body

Note that evolution begins on the right Red Moon leg/foot which is the start codon Methionine and ends on the right as it travels around the body to the Sun above the right head. Evolution occurs in the entire body but the start and end of an RNA sequence are on the right. The left side of the body begins with the Truth Hand White Dog tribe on the left foot and goes up to the Blue Storm tribe at the top of the left head and ends the sequence with the Stop Codon Yellow Sun on the right top of the head.

Fire and Blood were our beginning. Truth and Sky are our destiny. But the nitty-gritty of karma, lessons, and manifestation comes from the Galactic outbreath onto the planet. NOTE THAT THE SUN OR SOLAR INBREATH makes the sun receptive to its children; the 10 planets. It happens at the left White Dog foot.

Note that the left truth hand governs the tribes starting at the left foot and coming up. The left Sky foot governs the tribes starting with the left arm and going to the top of the head. On the right, all of the tribes start at the top right head and come down
This brings the holons into unity

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